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Open Letter of ROAC Fr. Victor Melehov to ROCOR-MP Bp. Jerome

FW: Informational Sharing: "An Open Letter of ROAC Fr. Victor Melehov to ROCOR-MP Bp. Jerome (Shaw)"-Plus Commentary- 

Open Letter to B Jerome Shaw (ROCOR-MP) 09, 2012.pdf

Comment: These statements, both current ones and those of past years, are lengthy, but valuable.
 All should read them and share them.

However, not everyone who was in the old-ROCOR, and now since that 2007 betrayal (or previous to that date), have gone in...various directions,( including Fr.Victor  Melehoff), since that foul 're-union' of 2007, including our ROCA under our Met. Agafangel,  which church we consider as THE continuation of that old/free ROCOR, did not see each and every past ROCOR event or individual attitudes of it's leadership, exactly in the same light or understanding.

*In the old days of the old  free-ROCOR, there were many many divergent views, on MANY issues!!!

Thus, we in our ROCA are in full and fraternal & happy inter-communion, STILL,  with the Synod In Resistance, and it's sister Romanian and Bulgarian churches. We treasure these faithful fellow Orthodox brothers and sisters.

Fr. Melehoff, as with other SIR  detractors, is DEAD WRONG! labeling them as ' in heresy'!... though we can heartily agree with most of what else he shares, about many other issues.  Fr. Victor Melehoff is a snide critic and opponent of our sister churches, and... us, and also, together with us,  of the MP!  He supports our rivals,(RTOC, ROAC, ROCiE,  Etc.), whose canonical credentials and honesty, are highly questionable, at best,  and their power-motives, quite clear. 

We vehemently deny, that the Synod in Resistance, is 'in heresy', a  vicious untrue  label of them, being an extremist and absurd 'super-correct'/sectarian exaggeration and slander of their positional statements, (not doctrines!), by those, such as Fr. Melehoff, who also denigrate our ROCA, .. .for many nonsensical excuses, including that we must 'also be heretics, because we are in communion with heretics,' etc...utter slander and nonsense!

Otherwise, these documents are worth reading and sharing.

My summation: we all, who were once part of the old days of the old ROCOR, even back in those 'golden' years, did not all 100% agree on every single issue,( e.g. Fr. George Grabbe was not always correct in all his statements!), -debate and internal argument were always normal for our ROCOR, are now...... also, in disagreement on various issues,...past events and present ones, though we have in common our mutual detestation for the MP/Ecumenism, etc, and for the betrayers of our ROCOR to Moscow, etc.

We anti-MP folks, have much in common, but...we do not have a common/unified front in this battle, sadly, which gives much joy to our foes in Moscow, and in worldly-Orthodox circles around the earth.  We 'fragments', as some label all of us who refused that union/betrayal, which entities, our Met. Agafangel has repeatedly called upon, to at least come together and DISCUSS matters, ...they all refuse this overture for peace and unity.

The leadership, of  RTOC, ROAC, ROCiE, and other 'fragments' revile our church, while extoling themselves, endlessly.

We in ROCA, grieve....... that our fellow former-ROCOR believers, who have also refused  union with the Stalin-created false-Russian Church, named the 'Moscow Patriarchia', refuse to even SPEAK or to try to iron out our differences. 

These are just my opinions......
Reader Daniel Everiss in Oregon


  1. Others have said so as well, that not everyone in Rocor was/is always in perfect agreement and or without error . The way I see it is that these schisms were formed and designed to get the opposition out of the way, to turn Rocor's own people against her and to get them to blame her, rather than to stay and help her fight the assault from the infiltrators. Each of the schisms were designed to weaken Rocor. And it worked.

    And just this morning I read something that explains how this abandonment happened. Vladimir Djambov [Bulgarian Sister Church] pointed out to me this very valuable article published by our Greek Sister Church:

    page 29 "Genuine Zeal in Christ"

    Super-correct disease is just as deadly as world orthodoxy – they both kill.

  2. I can't seem to read the letter past the first few sentences.

    Satan is working to destroy the Church with both super-correct schisms and world orthodox ecumenism.

    At this point we can call the schisms a "movement" just as much as we can call ecumenism a "movement".

    Melehov is a leader in the schisms movement. Shaw is a leader in the ecumenism movement.

    Behind the scenes THEY ARE BOTH ON THE SAME SIDE – they both have the same goal which is to destroy the Church. [Are they conscious of this? God knows.]

    I believe this open letter battle is staged.

    Why would I want to watch a staged "match" in the boxing ring between two leaders of these movements?

    These guys don't even belong on stage, let alone in the limelight. Why give them audience?

    And now look who has gleefully jumped into the thick of this and is reporting on it like it is the sporting event of the year with updates and timelines: NFTU.

    I tried to read Melehov's letter, but I can't. Blah blah blah. Melehov has written so many "open letters" in his schism career. Yes, there are truths in there. But remember what is the best way to hide a lie? wrap it up in truths.

    – something to note: having this open letter only available in the doc. form allows them to track the number of views. This will be less important to them after the fizzle dies down.


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