Thursday, December 22, 2016

Barbaric Islamic Invasion Sweden

The Barbaric Islamic Invasion and takeover of historically-'Christian' Western Countries: Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe, due to Moslem immigration, yet many Swedes still in denial-afraid to be labeled as 'racists'-

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Dan Everiss

Wed, Dec 21, 2016 at 9:21 PM

Apparently those idealistic good-natured and easy-going Swedes, those individuals who have not personally been Moslem-attacked, or who do not live near them, want to deny what is happening.

"See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil"...etc. i.e. to pretend, 'to not notice',  that what is happening to their country, & throughout Europe and the UK,  is not happening.
And too, the Moslem 'refugees'  have created their own violent enclaves, where they follow bestial  'Sharia Law', and prevent the police from enforcing Swedish law,
but where they receive from the socialist Swedish state, every possible very generous charity and aid. Sweden totally 100% supports them all! But then, the Moslems expect Infidels to bow to them and to serve them. That is all in their Koran....and that is their long terrible history.

This pattern, accompanied with more and more flagrant terrorist acts,  is now common in other European countries and in the UK, and is coming to America, Canada, and Australia, whichever countries are so foolish enough, as Merkel's Germany,  as to take into their midst such hordes of these Islamic 'Infidel' -hating Moslem barbarians, who have been oppressing and murdering Christians and Jews and each other and others, and women, for about 1400 years now, since Thrice-Cursed Muhammad,...  all instructed to so do, by their 'Holy' Koran.

In America we need an act of Congress to declare  Islam as not a valid religion which is protected under our constitution, but anti-American foreign terrorism, and made ILLEGAL in this country, and for all Moslems to leave our country, as soon as possible, and to not take in, even one more. We need to give refuge to Christians and others who are being persecuted and murdered by Moslems.

And everyone here, and in all western nations,  needs to study their rotten bloody anti-human  history and thus KNOW what Islam has actually done for 1400 years till this very day, and really teaches its adherents to they more and more blow us up and kill us.

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