Friday, December 9, 2016

Open Letter Request for Answers from Hegumen Andrei Erastov

AN OPEN LETTER: WE WANT THE FACTS!-A serious request of Hegumen Andrei Erastov in Melbourne, Australia, -A central spiritual teacher/guide of this Kotlaroff-Schism, and also to his co-schismatics-


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Dan Everiss

Thu, Dec 8, 2016 at 11:15 PM

From: Dan Everiss <>
Sent: Friday, December 9, 2016 12:10 AM
Subject: AN OPEN LETTER: WE WANT THE FACTS!-A serious request of Hegumen Andrei Erastov in Melbourne, Australia, -A central spiritual teacher/guide of this Kotlaroff-Schism, and also to his co-schismatics-

Dear Father Hegumen Andrei (Erastov), in Melbourne, Australia,

For myself and also for a number others here, who loyally, and with knowledge,  continue to support our ROCA and our Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel and our ROCA Synod, we request of you and also of all who are your fellow co- leaders/conspirators or co-'spiritual guides' of your pathetic and groundless schism:

FINALLY, please give us...THE FACTS:

 A clear NUMBERED LISTING, in plain direct honest words, in both English and Russian, so that all can read and understand it, of what ALL you claim he has done wrong, so that he deserves to be removed as metropolitan and severely punished, etc. (tell us EVERYTHING! PLEASE!) of  his wicked evil deeds, with the dates and the places and the persons involved, ...the named-witnesses and their recorded testimonies, AS IN A COURT CASE, in plain direct words, without any useless anger or emotions, of what EXACT evils or infractions of canon laws or simply what you consider are the misdeeds or 'uncanonical crimes' OR UNCHRISTIAN BEHAVIOUR, of Vladyka  Agafangel, or our other ROCA bishops, ...and with EACH of these charges, please also supply us with:  some SOLID verifiable proofs or evidence that he and they indeed are guilty of each of these alleged wrongdoings ...or as you put it, his and their, 'abuse  of power' etc.

Be fore-warned, however, that WE DO believe that our Orthodox canons rule our church life, as you do not, Fr. Andrei, [as you so plainly have previously stated on]  so you must prove that he has violated CANONS!

So far, all your tiny rebel group has put out are personal attacks, [that in essence, that you 'don't like him'] or garbled nonsense and unproven slanders with your repeating of various outrageous and ignorant-baseless calumnies, ...a number of which concern far away confused events and hostile persons, pro-Putin super- nationalists, in the Russian Federation, etc., WHO LEFT OUR CHURCH ON THEIR OWN, and they were not thrown out by our Metropolitan!, and word-of-mouth malicious gossip, from enemies and critics of our ROCA, ..and defamers of our metropolitan and our other honorable bishops, at best.

Malicious ill-will mixed with profound ignorance of Orthodoxy, and ignorance of people and events, these are the foundations of your schism, plus a love for power and control of monies and parishes build up your rebel earthly kingdom, which is nothing but a useless schism, and is already outside of Orthodoxy.

To date, you give us faithful, zero proof that Metropolitan Agafangel or our other bishops, have  committed anything whatsoever! in violation of either Orthodox canon laws, OR that they have had malicious non-Christian intent IN THEIR  HEARTS, or in any of their words or actions or episcopal decisions.

To our view, it is you schismatics who are violating many canons, creating a schism which is in itself, a heresy, and also violating basic Christian behavior, and it is yourselves who are shameless slanderers and liars and deceivers.

This same simple request has also previously been made, a number of times already, by myself and others, of Vl. Andronik, with no response, and also of his nephew, Mark Kotlaroff, and also of your other prime leaders of your schism ...and so far, NONE of you have responded with any precise or believable sane list, or with such a listing, accompanied by any proofs/evidence/witnesses of your vaguely alluded to,  SUGGESTED ...mere gossip-accusations.

It is long overdue for you all to: PUT UP..... OR SHUT UP!

List his supposed crimes, ONE BY ONE, and prove them, or STOP and cease your idiotic and unchristian attacks on our Vladyka Agafangel and on our ROCA, and just finally .....admit your errors and sins, and repent, in time for the coming celebration of the Feast of Christ's Nativity.

Whatever you send me, I shall share ....and of course, with astute rebuttals or responses to each of your charges, by those in our church who DO know Orthodox canons!..., who know about the actual life and deeds of Vladyka Agafangel, and who also do know, what is proper Orthodox Christian behavior, normal Orthodox church ORDER, Orthodox Patristics, and what is according to the scriptural teachings of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

May you and your little group of confused and misguided confederates, come to repentance before you leave this world, Fr. Andrei!

Because what you and your co-workers are a party to, is the Devil's dreadful own work, not of God.

  Rd. Daniel in Oregon

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