Thursday, December 15, 2016

Marxist Vegan Restaurant Closes

Humour?: (Our changing American cultural scene): Some FOOD FOR THOUGHT: "A... 'Marxist-Vegan'...(?)... Restaurant, Closes" (!).: WHAT IS THIS Fascist-Racist TRUMP- COUNTRY COMING TO???...if you can't get a Commie-veggie-burger when you want it!?

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Dan Everiss

Sun, Dec 11, 2016 at 4:58 PM

Oh the 'benefits' (?), of a socialist-workers' paradise!😂

-to make this country end up,{ if we Americans don't wake up, and we continue to allow this leftist-progressive-liberal/Marxist  cultural and political slide process to continue},
 we shall become -like wonderful (mass starving) but super oil-rich, virtually totally-communist run, tropical paradise,...THIRD WORLD, Valenzuela!😈

P.S. Marxist-Leninist economics has never worked, on small scales, as this closing 'Marxist-Vegan' restaurant,  or worse yet, on large nation-wide scales,  because it is based on numerous false economic and social theories, an erroneous and atheist flawed  miss-assessments or effectual remedies,  of basic human nature, 'the human condition',  and all it does, therefore,  is to make the top FEW elite communist bosses of the country,  super rich, and the vast majority of the average slave-like obedient citizens, [who always have police and military guns pointed at their heads and with  the constant threat of death or other various punishments or of arrest, torture  and imprisonment] and   remaining indefinitely....desperate and hopelessly  poor and suffering....and dreaming and plotting how to escape to a 'capitalist hell'

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