Saturday, December 10, 2016

Kapner asks Putin to let him preach in Red Square

A Sharing of what was sent to me, for both humour and disgust: severely-deranged, "Brother Nathanael Kapner's" Open Letter To Putin-yes PLEASE!, Vladimir, let him 'preach' and stay in Red Square, Moscow~!!

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Dan Everiss

Sat, Dec 10, 2016 at 10:46 AM
GOD SAVE US!!! from, Street-Preacher, 'Orthodox Christian missionary', 'Brother Nathanael Kapner', and from 'Things that go bump in The night'!😵 AMEN and AMEN!

My Open Letter To President Putin

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My Open Letter To President Putin
By Brother Nathanael Kapner December 2, 2016 ©
DEAR PRESIDENT PUTIN… with Paul Craig Roberts’ request to become a Russian citizen being well received by Moscow, I also feel inspired to make a request of you.
Unlike Roberts, I have not been accused of being a ‘Russian agent’ by the Washington Post but I have been accused by the Anti Defamation League of being a “virulent anti-Semite.”
That’s pretty hard to pin on me since I was born of Jewish parents and raised in the synagogue. I can even read Hebrew since I went to Sabbath School growing up Jewish.
Many Jews agree with me regarding pernicious Jewish influence here in America. Four Jews became Orthodox Christians through my ministry. My bishop met two of them.
I was the first to defend you against the media’s smear campaign starting with The Difference Between Putin and Obama. And I foresaw that you would make a major impact on world affairs with my How Putin Will Change The World.
My Videos, viewed by millions, reveals the real Vladimir Putin as a devout Orthodox Christian and a virtuous statesman. They include The Religion Of Vladimir Putin and Is Putin Controlling US Elections? (View Videos Here, Here, Here, Here and Here.)
You’re my brother in Christ, dear Vladimir, as I am a fellow Orthodox Christian with the Russian Church. (As much as I admire Paul Craig Roberts, he cannot make that claim.)
Would you invite me to Russia to conduct my Street Evangelism? I hold up the Cross on median strips across America including 9th and Pennsylvania in DC and Times Square.
That would be a great honor. Especially if I could do it in Red Square where the Bolsheviks once claimed a faux victory.
But our trophy is the Cross. And Russia, unlike America, honors Christ, not His enemies.

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