Wednesday, November 23, 2016

True nature of the Apocalyptic Communist Beast

Sharing: The true nature of the Apocalyptic Communist Beast, of which atheist rule, current Putin's captive Russia is still not really free of: ST. PATRIARCH TIKHON'S EPISTLE TO THE SOVIET OF THE PEOPLE'S COMMISSARS, Oct. 26, 1918


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Dan Everiss

Wed, Nov 23, 2016 at 9:18 PM

Because today, we have the End Times spectacle of a fully developed apostate Sergianist subservient false-Russian Church organization, with all of its wonderful churchs and monastery buildings and impressive institutions  and public displays of Orthodoxy, yet  totally controlled and beholden to its KGB masters, to the,  in reality,  ruled and run by the godless, the  neo-soviet and KGB/FSB run 'Russian Federation' State, under 'freely democratically elected',😉 dictator Vladimir Putin. In a way this situation is actually far worse, spiritually, than the first earlier terrible periods of the Bolshevik's bloody tyranny over old Russia, and indeed over their former Soviet Union Empire,  as then it was clearer,  who was on God's side, and who was serving the Devil.
Now, we are told to believe that good is evil, and evil is good.
And who defines and declares such a definition? It is the false patriarch and false hierarchs and other 'ordained and consecrated' clergy of the Stalin founded, totally uncanonical Moscow Patriarchate, all of whom, publically,  bless and support mass-murderer and war-loving  devotee of Joseph Stalin and of the 'good old days' of the official Soviet Union,... 'Orthodox Christian', Vladimir  Vladimirovich Putin, who is well loved [we are told, over and over],  by 'most'  Russians as 'the reviver of Russian National Pride',  and his gangster thieving corrupt  government in the Kremlin,
PRETENDING TO SPEAK..... FOR GOD! tell us, what GOD thinks, and what GOD wants us to do.
Such is the utter mocking of all that is holy, the pure blasphemy of the atheist current rulers of the Russian land, and their false church, their captive and servile Moscow Patriarchate....which most world-wide Orthodox Patriarchates recognize and are in full communion with! That MP and worldly-Orthodoxy betrays our Orthodox Faith in so many many ways.
All, ALL! that dictator Putin does,... as his totally unjustified and profoundly immoral invasion and destructive bloody  war and of his seizing of parts of Ukraine and of his sponsoring civil war there and causing the deaths and suffering and relocations of millions, and also of Putin's horrible bombing of the poor Syrian people, on the behalf of fellow bloody dictator  Assad,...all of this is blessed by 'Patriarch Kyrill' ....pretending to speak..... FOR GOD!
These people prove that what they call, 'God' and claim to represent is actually, Satan, who wishes the totally destruction of our entire human race.
And that 'Russian Mother Church', the MP,  is what so many of our former brothers and sisters and fathers and vladykas of the old free ROCOR, so foolishly, or under threats and duress or for money bribes,  or for the sake of their patriotic and cultural nostalgia for old Russia [the  old historic and Orthodox  Russia,  long ago demolished and systematically eradicated  by the communists], bowed to in 2007, and who still are an obedient slavish  part of. It is labeled: "ROCOR/MP".
Now too, insane power hungry dictator monster  Putin is threatening a nuclear war on the  west, especially on America, as all of us in 'the west', he considers enemies of his Russia.
Yes, he is quite insane!...but so was Hitler, and Lenin and Stalin, and many countless bloody, and empire building  dictators in past human history.
It is the old sour false communist propaganda claim, that all who are not conquered by them are either 'fascists' or  are 'seeking to destroy Russia', etc.
Mr. Putin, a Neanderthal backward caveman creature,  is caught in a fantasy past time-warp, 'The glorious Soviet Union Empire', as the real world has long ago, moved past the former old days of the 'cold war'. Russia's enemies today, are mostly all INSIDE Russia....i.e. its government.
The only real 'enemies of Russia', have been the religion mocking and anti-human, and anti-Russian people!  globalist atheist communists ,... and now their, publically religion supporting, [false] pious,  'Orthodox Christian', successors, headed by KGB officials, V. Putin and his stooge, 'Patriarch Kyril' -Gundaev.
Putin, the mad-man, SHALL use his nuclear arsenal against us, and we shall respond. This is inevitable, IT WILL HAPPEN!
Thus, he will hasten the end of Russia, and of the world as we know it. There is not much time left.
We need to get our souls in order, now, to meet our God, that is all that counts.
But, God is not mocked!
Rd. Daniel

"The fear of the Lord, is the beginning of wisdom!"

St. Tikhon Epistle to Soviet Commissar 1918
St. Tikhon the Confessor Patriarch of Moscow
Feast Day November 5/18

Metr. [Patriarch] Tikhon’s Epistle to the Soviet of the People’s Commissars, 26 October, 1918: 

While you were seizing the power, you asked the people to trust you, and made promises to them.  But have those promises been fulfilled?  You gave a stone instead of a loaf, and a serpent instead of a fish (Mt.7:9-10).  You have substituted a soulless international concept for our Motherland.  You have divided the people into enemy camps and plunged them into a fratricidal war of an unprecedented cruelty.  You have openly replaced Christ's love by hatred; you have not brought peace, you have incited class hatred.  There seems to be no end in sight to the war instigated by you, because with the hands of Russian workers and peasants you are trying to bring about the triumph of a phantom world revolution.  No one feels safe under your regime, where there reigns a constant fear of search, robbery, arrests and exile or execution.  You promise freedom, but there can hardly be anything more painful and cruel than violation of religious freedom.  The press is blasphemous and full of a malicious ridiculing of sacred things.  You have barred the entrance to the Moscow Kremlin – the sacred inheritance of all pious Russians.  We know that our accusations will anger you and cause severe reprisals, that you will use our words as a pretext to accuse us of resisting your government.  But the greater your anger and punitive acts, the more the truth of our accusations will be confirmed.  Mark the anniversary of your rule by liberating those imprisoned by you; by ceasing bloodshed, violence, destruction and oppression of religion.  Otherwise all righteous blood shed by you, shall be required of you (Lk.11:51), and 'you that take the sword shall perish by the sword' (Mt.26:52).

Archpriest Michael Polsky, The New Martyrs of Russia. Montreal: 1972, p. 45. Russian version in Nash sovremennik, no. 4 (1990), pp. 160-162.

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