Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Schismatics at work in Australia

The schismatics at work in Australia: "During the Divine Liturgy in the church of Holy Martyrs of Vilnius, on November 6th, reader Simon Scicluna was ordained a sub-deacon by archbishop Andronik, ruling bishop of Australia and New Zealand."

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Dan Everiss

Mon, Nov 14, 2016 at 8:12 PM

(But Andronik Kotlaroff has been officially and canonically retired by his  fellow bishops, and he thus has no right to serve anywhere but at Mt. View, nor is he allowed by them, to perform any sacraments or ordinations, anywhere. He was relieved by them, of the right to administer any diocese.

He and his followers are in total uncanonical rebellion against lawful higher church authority.

And, newly consecrated Bishop John (Smelic) is now our sole lawful ROCA bishop of Melbourne and Australia.)
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 13 Ноября 2016

На Воскресной Литургии в храме свв. Мучеников Виленских (Мелбурн, Австралия), 6-ого ноября, чтец Симеон Шеклуна был рукоположен в сан иподиакона архиепископом Андроником - правящим архиереем Австралийской и Ново-Зеландской Епархии.

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