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DISGUSTING: -In San Francisco, ROCOR/MP Archbishop Kyrill Dmitrieff's VIDEO partial-Speech at his GLORIOUS consecration of a ROCOR/MP 'Bishop Irenaeus of Sacramento', California-

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Dan Everiss

Fri, Nov 25, 2016 at 1:23 PM

Note: I do not share this widely, as it sickens and disgusts me. Here in the magnificent San Francisco, 'New-Cathedral', of "Our Lady, Joy of All Who Sorrow",  built by St. John Maximovitch, here!...betrayer to the MP in 2007, of the old ROCOR, ROCOR/MP Archbishop Kyrill-Dmitrieff consecrates a ROCOR/MP bishop for Sacramento, [the state capitol city of California].

His words sound so holy and so Orthodox and so so pious!, and he is wearing such PERFECT beautiful vestments and surrounded by so many PERFECT beautiful icons and holy objects. In that cathedral are the holy relics of St. John.

But so do all the sermons of most of the MP bishops and clergy.. look and sound and SEEM holy.

They all know quite well, what to say, the right prayers in Slavonic or English, to be read,  and how to publically act, in performing the proper Orthodox prayers and rituals, playing their clerical-theatrical  roles, of holy genuine Orthodox clergy, but of which they are.... NOT.

Do these false ones, who indeed do fool many believing trusting pious people,  really imagine that they thus, also.... FOOL GOD?...the All-Seeing and All-Knowing God who sees all of our hearts, and Who does not care at all for outward appearances?
Such are the false soul-killing roles of those Judases serving antichrist and in this massive End-Times world-wide apostasy.

retired Rd. Daniel Everiss, in Oregon, now 73, and  once, till the 2007 betrayal,  a long time and close friend- from his age of 17 or 18, and confidant to San Francisco born, Archbishop Kyrill-Dmitrieff, ( born in 1954,  Boris Michael Dmitrieff).

Now, my old personal friend and later also my bishop, since about 2005, [ who years ago did me many personal favors and who solicited my advice often],  but who  approximately from 2004 onward,  gradually became a  part  of Putin's, neo-soviet  'Russian World', and the KGB run, MP's Sergianism.

Kyrill Dmitrieff thus has betrayed both Orthodoxy and the Russian Church Abroad, and also America, his native land.

He is a shameless 'man-pleaser',  mentioned and condemned in the Gospel.

SHAME on him and on all ROCOR/MP clergy!
May they repent before they die.

Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2016 10:49 PM
To: Daniel Everiss
Subject: Archbishop Kyrill's Speech
Dear Daniel,

Thought you might like to listen to Archbishop Kyrill’s speech – in English, yet – after the recent consecration of Bishop Irenaeus in San Francisco. It begins about 40 seconds into this video:
Хиротония его преосвященства ИРИНЕЯ (Стинберг) епископа Сакраментского в кафедральном ...

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  1. Disgusting indeed! Utterly sickening. The abomination of desolation.


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