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My personal appraisal of our U.S. Presidential Election

Sharing: Our American Scene: As an Orthodox Christian and as an American Citizen: My personal appraisal of our U.S. Presidential Election- "my little two cents worth", for what its worth!-?

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Dan Everiss

Sat, Nov 12, 2016 at 3:34 PM

And, I must say with most fellow Americans:

THANK GOD! that this seeming never-ending & disgusting presidential political campaigning, [taking it seems more than two years or so, and wasting many billions of dollars!,] is FINALLY OVER!  Glory be to God! 

The only realistic way that we can view or fully understand all current worldly events, is through  spiritual eyes-,  the spiritual over-view, of people and movements, and ideas and events.

Well, first of all: since the Fall of Adam, and the ensuing destructive and sad effects of it, and thus to all of us, of Adam's race, his descendants,  from Paradise, The Garden of Eden, the original and God established true Heaven on Earth,  
      there never on this earth has been nor could there be, a perfect just and harmonious human society, [nor of course ANY perfect political system or worldly government] or  another [humanly created or man-instituted], Heaven on Earth, [because all of  us human beings, are born profoundly STAINED/TAINTED/WEAKENED  by the effects of our inherited mutual Fall from God's Grace,  
     ALL! we of the sorry race of Adam, are flawed morally and thus we cannot on our own, and without God, either improve ourselves, or help to create a perfect just earthly society, because  EACH OF US individually are integrally/innately  FLAWED, and we are all.... [even though we are made in God's holy image,] yet, because of The Fall from God's Grace, we are prone/tempted ... to do evil and to not  seek or to do what is good,] ... We as individuals can  only hope to become better beings, i.e. God-like, and thus too, 'more human' towards other people or God's creation,....  by continual daily repentance and by conquering our flesh and its passions, ASCETICISM ... by our STRUGGLE- to 'become Christ-like',  

.... until after.... the Second Coming of Our Lord, when, THEN!.... He..... will restore a true Paradise/Heaven  on earth.

ONLY CHRIST-GOD, our only PHILANTHROPIC GOOD GOD,  can re-establish a Heaven on Earth, and no one else!

We humans as we are now, cannot possibly accomplish that.

Hence,  all lamebrain and misguided leftist secular humanist schemers of our era, whose magic 'logical and rational' remedies for the 'human condition' are mostly dreamed up and engineered by anti-God atheist dead-souled philosophers and starry-eyed self absorbed intellectual revolutionaries, [even when they intend  well in their motivations],  to by their human force, -usually violently and with much cruelty and massive injustice and horrendous bloodshed,...  alone, to establish and to build some hoped-for utopian earthy paradise, [as the USSR]  and always for them: without.... or indeed, working for this goal, against God, [Whom they see Him, and 'backward' religious people,  especially sincere Christians, as their MAIN foes in their wonderful reformative 'transforming of society' crusade], but which are always failing, devil inspired,  schemes, only ending up creating but yet more,  HELLS ON EARTH!

Marxist-Leninism, Communism is a good modern example.... and also Islam is another, though past history has many similar examples.

And always, to these atheist 'reformers' they have to, they MUST!.... wipe out and destroy and kill off/liquidate the previous cultures and regimes and generation, in order to 'insure the success of their glorious revolution', because God and godly Christian people are the main roadblocks to 'the progress of humanity' etc.[or so the devil tells them].

In pursuing that 'noble' goal of theirs: no lie, nor injustice nor atrocity is too big or too off limits for them.

"The end justifies the means!"

By this mindset, they have oppressed and tortured and slaughtered many millions of human beings.  Their current inheritors are still doing this, as in Ukraine and Syria, etc. and too in Red China and North Korea to Christians there.
 Thus, they in fact, are doing the will of the Devil, the cosmic and perennial enemy of both God and Humanity, -Satan who wishes the total destruction of us, of all of God's creatures.

Satan wants, his.... hell on earth,... his 'utopia'.

"Without God, nothing is possible!" 
From the official soviet era: from a handheld sign of a protesting brave Russian dissident in the USSR:
"I would rather be dead in a 'capitalist hell', than alive,  in a 'socialist workers paradise!' "

I am a conservative Christian-American, who believes in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, and I am against our national steady movement, over the years, towards an all-powerful massive and overpowering socialist style government, both in Washington and in the state governments, and one which is more and more openly, secular -humanist/pro-atheist, anti-Christian, and pro-leftist, pro-Marxist.

Obama has added his pro-Islamic twist.

And all of this sad national predicament cannot simply be blamed solely on the leftist leaning modern Democrat Party, [which in past times, was a far different more conservative and pro-American a party] as both major parties are co-guilty.... and both are super corrupt, in fact they work in tandem to stay in power, and to rule and ruin our people and nation, to line their pockets and keep their power.

"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely!" ...which is why many average Americans voted for Trump, seeing him as not part of the corruption of either party machine.  They want Trump to smash our current corrupt federal ruling class, to 'drain the swamp in Washington',
to be, The bull in the china shop.

We shall yet see, if he will or can accomplish this pledge.

This all-powerful leftist-progressive-liberal CORRUPT government system, is telling us what we may or may not do in our lives,' [more and more socialistic paternalism]  how we must think, or worship!,  and is draining us, more and more, of our individual dignity, and of our hard-earned monies, by over-regulating and over-taxing us, by destroying our businesses and JOBS, ...AND too:  many of the younger generation, are simply swallowing and going along with this new, anti-freedom, and  un-American reality of our country... because they know nothing better... and because this is what is taught in our public schools and in most of our leftist leaning, anti-Christian/anti-American, universities..

And too, how many here who label themselves, as 'Christians' [of whatever denomination]  really do not practice it, nor do they defend their supposed faith!

Our Constitution, an old worn wrinkled piece of paper, is supposed to guarantee our individual freedoms, FROM an overly repressive and out of control, corrupted power hungry federal government... but, unless what is written on that piece of old paper, is ENFORCED, [supposedly by the Congress and the Supreme Court-HA! HA!-Emoji] it is nothing but.. an old historic piece of museum paper in a frame..... past and DEAD ...history.

(When V. Putin was inaugurated in the Kremlin, he put his hand on a copy of the soviet-era created,... ['created to please western countries]  'Russian Constitution', in which many individual freedoms, normal to western countries, were guaranteed, and he swore to 'defend ' it.  [It is actually not a bad constitution, on paper].

Has he or the previous, official soviet kremlin gang before him, been true to this  constitution, or Putin to his  promise and solemn oath?... hardly!
Now, to bring this statement of my political views to a conclusion:

I did not think that either Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump were/are  ideal or even good or trustworthy candidates to become our new president, but, we had only two choices: [not voting at all, was not one]; I choose the lesser of the two evils, Trump, as Hillary has well proven her being totally unfit and a congenital liar, who would have given us 'more of the same' of the horrible Obama leftist administration's   DESTRUCTION of our country, & our economy,  and selling it out to all of our world's enemies,  and... because with Trump we have some HOPE of a national change in direction, if only in our economy.

True, Trump is clearly not a genuine conservative, in all categories, but... I believe that he is a patriot, and not a liar, contrary to B. Obama... who has been our worst president in all of our American history.

Now, the wild lawless 'liberal' leftists (ha! ha!, as these 'liberals' are the MOST intolerant people!], are starting violent rioting and arson in the streets.. which is typical for them, when they do not get their way.

So... we shall see what President Trump can or will do, once he is in office.

And I hope that his many wild and confused enemies will allow him to become and be our president!

Because if they do not, we will have the start of a new bloody civil war here.

Obama has primed us for it.  He has widened racial hatreds and social class divisions, as never before in this country.

God grant Donald Trump, MANY YEARS!... in good health and safety, and may he always do what is best for this country and for our allies around the world.

For myself, who is jaded at my 73 years of age, by my spiritual and historical perspective: I expect that he will not satisfy everyone who voted for him, as he cannot do that.

And, may the new Congress also do what is best for the nation, and not their parties.

And, I do hope that Trump will be firm with Putin, and not be the pet subservient stooge for Putin, that Putin seems to assume he will be.

If Trump gives in to dictator Putin, then Trump will loose my trust, [and of our world-wide allies, and the trust of many other patriotic and conservative Americans.

To my overview, as to the number one reason why so many middle class, average Americans, rejected Hillary and voted for Trump, no matter which party they were affiliated with, [or their racial or ethnic identity] is because they hope that he can and will: RESTORE OUR AMERICAN ECONOMY and JOBS.

In many parts of the East and Midwest and Northwest and South, and indeed in all states, we have whole families and entire depressed towns, who have gone as much as three generations, without good steady jobs!
And government only makes this worse, not better.

Personally, I would wish that both national parties would be abolished.
Some of our Founding Fathers, wanted to forbid any political parties, all-together as they fore-saw that such parties would tend to work only for their own money and power interests and not for the good of the nation.  Such has indeed come to pass.

And after these long years under our pro-socialist leftist ruling arrogant smug elite class in Washington, many middle class and lower income class, Americans [of all races, but yes, black Americans have been the worst hit by the leftist progressive-'liberal' government's destroying their jobs, often with the utopian oriented excuse, of 'protecting the environment'],  are jobless and hopelessly impoverished, while those at the top, in our Federal Government, are rolling in monies and lives of secure luxury.  WE SEE THIS!

So, we shall yet see how this all works out.

With full faith and full trust, ONLY IN GOD, and not in any man.
Just my views........
Rd. Daniel Everiss in Oregon, being a serious and vigilant American citizen and an Orthodox Christian, -who likes it or not.
"Put not your trust in man or in the sons of man, for vain is the help of man!"
For, "All men are liars!"
P.S. And most of us, except those lamebrain young leftist liberals now rioting in the streets to protest Trump's unexpected win, have finally woken up about our American mass information official very leftist progressive-liberal news media:... which news sources most of us used to totally trust and listen to or read, daily: (we thought that they COULD NOT LIE TO US!,).Emoji

In our founding Constitution, 'Freedom of  Speech and of the Press' is protected and guaranteed, so that it... will be a guardian, a watch-dog,  of the people against an over-powering or corrupt government!... to keep the government under OUR CONTROL and working for us, not against us.

And, as we have sadly learned- mere voting does not guarantee anything... if those voting are not 'an informed electorate'.

TIMES HAVE CHANGED!...whoever even reads that old Constitution or its connected Bill of Rights, anymore?.. it is not generally taught in our schools.

And most of those who, in total ignorance of the FACTS, [or for irrelevant trivial reasons, as her warm laughs and smile, etc.]  voted for Hillary, swallowed that biased and deceitful DAILY DRUM-BEAT leftist propaganda, as if it were 'the gospel'!
(And yes, Trump's big mouth or his natural vulgarity either, didn't help him, with some voters, that is quite true!).  Yet, he expressed the built-up ANGER of many Americans.... which is why so many voted for him.  Many Americans are daily cursing our government, using VERY foul language.

Almost all of our national media outlets, [somewhat like Putin's massive slick world-wide multi-language propaganda network, but his are the best in the world!,] are only mindless leftist-progressive-liberal propaganda outlets for the extreme leftist-democrat wealthy-monied regime in power,.... And thus, the only sources for the unpleasant truths about our real political and economic situation/disaster, has come from..... a few brave radio conservative talk-shows and conservative media outlets, labeled 'extremist kooks' by the left.

More and more,  America seems to be moving towards  a soviet/totalitarian style mode, a MASS MIND CONTROL as was expressed, in private, to a western reporter in the official soviet era, Russia, by a common Russian, when he was asked what he thought, about his own government:

"In Pravda, [The Truth] ..there is no truth, and in Isvestiya, [The News] ..there is no news!" 

I feel that about the same words can be spoken about our main American news networks.

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