Thursday, November 17, 2016

"Bye Donald Trump Lover!"

Fw: "Bye Donald Trump Lover!"- mother throws elementary aged son out of house for his voting for Trump

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Dan Everiss

Thu, Nov 17, 2016 at 12:39 PM
To: Dan Everiss <>,

A typical anti-Trump leftist moron!, another uninformed  sad  victim of our mass leftist news media propaganda machine, and extreme-left-democrat party's inspired anti-white, black-racism....the class and race warfare, which the communists have long pushed in America, to divide and destroy us.

Hillary just lost, due to a large degree, because of Obama and her's and her party's, smugly turning their backs on the 'middle working class' white voters, whom they openly dismissed, and even recently, stupidly,   EVEN publically denigrated....  even during the election!,  but, who are still the vast majority of actual voters in this country, { indeed, the white liberal  democrat  party registered voters, who previously sympathetically/ignorantly  voted Obama into office, twice...but who have, with many low income, working class,  black voters too,  suffered the most from Obama's  pro-socialistic, anti-capitalist.... wrecking of our US economy, and the taking away of their JOBS, in the many millions!}. Trump has been mainly elected, because many here, of all races or ethnicities,  hope that  Trump can and will restore our jobs and our freedoms...our lively-hoods, in supporting ourselves by our work, and our families.  Lots of black  people voted for Trump, for this reason. And everything about his life and his beliefs, prove that he has never been nor is now, racially prejudiced, in fact, not in the least.

From: Dan Everiss <>
Sent: Wednesday, November 16, 2016 11:07 AM
To: Dan Everiss
Subject: "Bye Donald Trump Lover!"- mother throws elementary aged son out of house for his voting for Trump

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  1. Why such violent reactions, as this, are we seeing over this election? Portland has had riots and damages over $1 million. Were the Democrats always such sore losers? Is this just how people in general have degenerated into behaving like demons?

    I think it is because the demons are extra angry since President Donald Trump is not a globalist, not NWO, not Illuminati, and not a freemason. The new vice-president in opening the president's acceptance speech, brought God back into America by naming Him and thanking Him.


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