Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Testimony Youtube by x-Moslem

Just For Study:A Sharing: (sent to me by an Orthodox Christian Brother): One of Many Testimonies of Ex-Muslims about Islam and What all is so Wrong with it: The Truth About Islam From An Ex-Muslim Lady


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Dan Everiss

Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 2:07 PM

This was Wafa Sultan's, [ herself a highly educated professor and a secular humanist, ex-Muslim from Syria], early public  broadcasting of her views.  Here she speaks on A-Jazeera TV (Qatar), on Feb. 21, 2006..a broadcast heard around the Muslim world by many millions.
She speaks in Arabic, with much emotion, but the English translation is below.
She is , in this presentation on live TV, responding to some Muslim clergy.
One of her main grips against Islam, is how awfully  it treats women.
Remember, she gave this back in 2006, before our more  recent and ongoing further terrible Islamic terrorism attacks and mass murdering of  non-Muslims, and against each other...all inspired by their Koranic teachings and their Islamic  Hadiths.
She and a number of other brave ex-Muslims, [ a number of whom have converted to Christianity]  are struggling to wake up we ignorant and naïve westerners, we smug know-it-all,  'modern/progressive/tolerant'.. Americans most especially.
Their main alarming preaching theme?- That what  is evil and anti-human and anti-democratic, about the so-called Islamic Terrorists, ISIS included,  it is ....the ISLAMIC  RELIGION itself, which is the  cause and source,  of all of this anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-Hindu, anti-Buddhist, etc. ANTI-HUMAN DIGNITY and anti-God given FREEDOMS,   ...and indeed, anti-fellow Muslim!, hate and murdering, and oppression and destruction.
We Orthodox Christians,[ especially those coming from nations formerly under the Ottoman Yoke],  since wretched Thrice-Cursed False Prophet and False Messiah,  Muhammad, have directly experienced the many many satanic evils of Islam, first hand. Western Christians, ...or western secular humanists, or atheists, etc....especially of today, have known nothing of this....unless they come from Islamic countries....as does Wafa Sultan.
But when will [ post-Christian] Europeans, the British, the Canadians, the Australians, etc....and we  average comfortable and overly trusting smug, and largely ignorant of world history,  Americans, fully wake up, and STUDY and get to understand what Islam is truly all about?.. and forget sweet and flowery ecumenist cover ups for them.
Islam is NOT, 'a religion of peace and beauty'!...quite the opposite It oppresses the very human spirit.
The internet, as one convenient source of information, has many video testimonies of ex-Muslims, which can help to educate us all.
Islam is THE NUMBER ONE,  worst curse, historically, on the human race, ever devised by the devil and his servant Muhammad.
Will it first take our country being nuked by them?...before what is left of us, realize what a big mistake we have made, in trusting or in glorifying them?
Their religion and ours, are NOT equal! They have a different god, than our true God.
As to these current countless desperate Muslim refugees, [ for who, as fellow suffering human beings, I feel only the deepest and most sincere sympathy],  I say, let them first publically renounce anti-American, Islam...and then.... we may allow them to enter our country, but not before.
We, as Christians are supposed to : 'hate the sin, but to love the sinner!.....a teaching of Jesus and His disciples, totally unknown in the 'Holy Koran' ...which teaches its deluded adherents to...only...hate and get-even-with others. Love plays no part. 'Allah' is not a god of love, not at all.
So we, if we are sincere Christians and followers of the God-Man, JESUS CHRIST,  must love Muslim PEOPLE, made in God's Immaculate Image as we are, but hate their false enslaving demonic religion.
I most sincerely believe, personally, that no unrepentant Muslim can possibly enter the Kingdom of Heaven, when they leave this world.
Only Hell Eternal awaits their arrival there.
Rd. Daniel

from comment section: This video was online one time before, when it was the most discussed ever on youtube. But the halal-hippies of youtube removed it, because the western halal-hippies are too embarrassed about being from the west that they gave in to the claims of the fundamentalist muslims. 

If youtube is deleted news clip can be downloaded here.  18Mb


A Muslim Converts to Christ (actually only one among many)-

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Dan Everiss

Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 6:57 PM
"The Holy Spirit goes where it wills".

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