Monday, March 7, 2016

Video exposé Parr, HOOM, Podmoshensky, more

And- WOW!-(in Russian, & English texts visible): A MP-produced (!): exposee VIDEO which exposes Archimandrite Joachim Parr, the Order of Mans-HOOM, Herman Podmoshensky, etc.  

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Dan Everiss

Fri, Mar 4, 2016 at 2:16 PM

Category: The confused and chaotic  American Orthodox scene, and these last times: When many false-elders do and will abound. 

Though what is stated here, to my personal knowledge,....and as best I understand the Russian narration and labels,  is fundamentally all true, [sad to have to say], yet one always has to question anything  coming from the MP....and to ask oneself, ..but WHY? are they saying this?...what is their hidden motive or agenda?  My best guess is that, they want to make themselves look clean....and soundly and fully Orthodox, [ especially to their pious Russian faithful in Russia, and to those Orthodox here],   by rejecting these notorious and scandalous false elders...who have brought much shame and reproof on themselves,  on their captive ROCOR/MP and on their also captive, OCA, etc.
Unfortunately, this is not all in English. But enough of it is visible, in English,  in the various legal & official  texts, etc, be of value, even to those who know no Russian.
Since I am a personal victim of some of this, I know it is the truth, [ in fact, I know far more than is spoken about in this video], especially about renegade Herman Podmoshensky and when and WHY he went into his bizarre rebellion  and total arrogant in-prelest, unrepentance   for his sins, ....schism from ROCOR, & was then defrocked by ROCOR, and then  he formed his new heretical sect,  with his Platina Monastery, concocted together  with Vincent Rossi of HOOM, and 'under' the uncanonical &  defrocked former priest of the new calendar American Greek Archdiocese,  'Met. Pangratios Vrionis', etc. [who basically made himself, 'a bishop'].
About the weird doings of this, 'Archimandrite Joachim Parr'...or some others [ whose names I do not know], mentioned here, ..I have only heard from other's mouths, witnesses,  of  some of his former escapades, hither and yon. Only now, did I find out about his connections to this 'Holy Order of MANS' new age sect.
Rd. Daniel Everiss

When this article comes up, then click unto the VIDEO.

Part 1
30 minutes

Part 2
30 minutes
click on CC (close caption)
then go to "settings" and choose "auto translate"

scroll down to "English"

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