Monday, March 7, 2016

historic anti-soviet video

For Russian-language readers: A historic anti-soviet video & MANY PHOTOS, of some sad sad truths:"ЛИЧНЫЙ ВЗГЛЯД" "Comrade Stalin saved the nation, and Patriarch Sergius saved the church!" (?)

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Dan Everiss

Sun, Mar 6, 2016 at 9:51 PM

The photos, of people, in themselves, are worth viewing, though for those who do not understand any Russian, they may not know the names of those in the photos, a number of them famous holy new-martyrs. But the photos of the atheist destruction of churches, etc,...need no explanation.


Приватный журнал архиепископа Георгия (Кравченко), РПЦЗ.

Our ROCA's Bolgorod's diocese website:
First click on to this site:
27 minutes

 Церковная правда.
 Click unto this video: ...about the SOVIET CHURCH.
the historic VIDEO, under this heading. about the  soviet church, a sad video of great Martyrs, and Big Judases.
It is all in Russian, both   texts and narration.
I wish it were in English.
Here in many many historic photos, are some of the terrible days and persons, victims the bloody communist takeover of Russia and the mass persecution and murder of so many.
This 'Moscow Patriarchy' still exists, as the communists founded it.
Here are the photos of many of the New Confessors and Martyrs.
In the very fast speed Russian narration, is a very heart rending  accounting of those terrible events.
Also, here are the many photos pf the big traitors, Sergius Stragorodsky and others with him.
Today, Kyrill Gundayev, is his successor.

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