Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Victim of Herman Podmoshensky tells story on new blog

Plus- Some sad and stunning personal accounts: About Herman Podmoshensky, etc.

So far, I have only been able to read about half of this long list of personal testimonies.
For my own sorrowful dealings with Herman, I now realize that I was blessed by God, to early discover that he was 'the idol of clay feet',  and a mentally and spiritually ill false elder, and to have then quickly fled from him. Yet, I still have spiritual damage from him. And when I gave my sworn testimony against him to my Archbishop Anthony (Medvedev), commanded so to do by a priest, in order to stop him and to prevent him from further damaging young souls, and so as to PROTECT THE CHURCH,  I have suffered many years of hate-filled scorn, personal attacks, slander, and calumny,  from him and his many deluded followers,[ from many clergy and laity alike]  till this very day, even after his death.

He presented himself as a living saint, and myself, as anyone who knew the truth about him, and who had suffered from his 'spiritual guidance'.... as a liar and as a persecuting devil.
Yet, his unjust persecution of me,[ to cover up his own unrepentant sinful secret life]   only brought me closer to God, even by his slanders. I found out, who were my true friends, and who were not.

"Whom the Lord loveth, ....He chastizeth!".
Rd. Daniel Everiss , a forest- exile in Oregon

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