Saturday, June 13, 2015

Coptic Orthodoxy Documentary

Simply for us Orthodox to better understand them:- Informational Sharing-Letting the Copts Speak for themselves, -their own version of their doctrine and history: "Coptic Orthodoxy Documentary"

  Comment: Yes, they are not part of our Orthodox Church as we understand it, and yes they left our church because of the Fourth Ecumenical Council of Chalcedon, which defined the doctrine of the Two Natures of Christ, [ part of the reasons for that separation-besides them not wanting to be a part of the Greek dominated Byzantine Empire,]  was what  they and many others claim, was due to a miss-understanding  of differences in terminology and language, Greek versus Coptic, as they state that they DO firmly believe, and that they always have,  that Christ is BOTH DIVINE and HUMAN, the God-Man,  but they seem to believe that that sums up to 'ONE UNITED NATURE' the controversy appears to many,  to be  around the Greek term for 'nature'  versus, 'person' ...but not truly about the essential Christology doctrine]  still, they are an ancient early local church, founded by the Apostle Mark and in so many ways very close to us, and profoundly pious and God-fearing.

And we need to understand them better, even as they are now suffering so severe a new persecution at the hands of the merciless bloodthirsty godless Muslims, and being dispersed around the world, while most western Christians and  governments do nothing to help them. And, if they are involved, currently to some measured degrees,  with the ecumenical movement, as is shown in the end segment, it is clearly their desperation to reach out to any or all, who might help them....'fellow Christians', most of whom, have indeed abandoned them to their fate-i.e  to God's mercy alone.
Rd. Daniel

Their explanation of their own history and church:  25 minutes
Some Coptic Worship, in Cairo-: 14 minutes

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