Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Romanovs to be invited to return to Russia

Members of 'the Romanov Family' Will Be Invited to Return to Russia

Article found on Internet Sobor

Comment: An obvious game of the Putin regime, to somehow add legitimacy to his corrupt KGB gangster government.

And of these so-called, 'Romanov family members' [ and are any of them real Romanov hereditary heirs? ]...will be only shameful 'royal' rubber stamp actors for whatever he wants to use them for.

And, no doubt too, they will be 'blessed' by the holy-MP 'church' and its 'Patriarch' Kyrill-Gundaev,.... perhaps even...'crowned'...and then, 'enthroned'? the later executed too, if any of them refuse to follow Putin's orders?

Putin's rubber stamp Duma,[ 'democratically freely elected'-?, as was Putin himself-?]  is apparently offering them one of the many semi-ruins of run-down old former Romanov palaces?

-hopefully one with the roof and walls and floors repaired, heating and plumbing restored, all bullet holes patched from the Bolshevik's past wear and tear, all splattered blood stains wiped and bleached away, and renovated from the harsh climate's long years of ravaging  too? 

WHAT A JOKE!!! and What Lunacy!...(If these 'royal' fools stay where they live now, outside of Putinland, they will be much better off).

But this is, in  dictator Vladimir Putin's twisted mind,  what it will take to "restore Russian national pride" ???, to create his own nation-wide neo-soviet version of, 'A Potemkin Village'?

GOD SAVE Russia and the Russian people, and us all!

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