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Apostolic Canons

General Sharing:  (Free)- Electronic 'The Rudder' by Apostolos Makrakis-

*This is regarding THE MAJOR CANON LAWS of our Orthodox church:

You can download the file by clicking on:

But be aware that this is a very large file and takes a long time to download.

*Be forewarned: This important legal compendium, though vast,  does not include all of the centuries or, also, all of the local synodal decisions, of all local Orthodox national churches. 
Also, the English used, a translation from the Greek,  is a bit out of date, and stilted to today's spoken usage, [ plus the electronic reproduced printing here, is a bit blurred in some words] so some passages are a bit difficult to fully understand.  
Also, some Orthodox authorities question Apostolos Makrakis's personal  'interpretations', after the canons,  in certain  parts. 
And, on reading and digesting the full meaning of this text, we must be very spiritually sober and not use these laws as some sort of weapons against others, [ as the Protestants or other sectarians, have miss-used the Holy Scriptures- to find endless fault with each other, as unchristian weapons of destruction and hurt, etc.',] against either fellow clergy or fellow laity. 
We need to remember too, that all of these church laws , were enacted to deal with specific problems that arose in church life, and usually with specific persons or regions or cities. 
Many  of these canons do still apply today, some do not (or do not directly generally apply). 
AND, all canons, are meant: Not to harm or destroy, but to call to repentance and to heal and to redeem and save, TO RESTORE THE UNITY OF THE FAITHFUL, a  balance of Economia with Agrapina; Liberality and Strictness.
Therefore, we must read this complicated and lengthy collection, in a spirit of  charity, not spite., and not in a judgmental mind. 
Also, after many canons, it is stated: 'OR... as the bishop decides', as our bishops are given the burden of ADMINISTERING or APPLYING these laws....though they themselves are also subject to them. 
But many of these basic Orthodox canons and norms regulating  Orthodox church life, the ecumenists and modernist worldly-Orthodox do not like. They generally, do not like or appreciate this book, or other books of canon laws. The MP, however, is expert in knowing and USING the canons, to mislead and to control their flock.
Rd. Daniel in Oregon

About the Apostolic Canons-by Bishop Gregory Grabbe

Plus a reminder: These are the earliest Church Canons, as many more were added later by the total of Seven Ecumenical Councils, and also by centuries of LOCAL SYNODS:
In the 'Rudder', (Pedalion), many but not all of these decisions, are printed.

*For those who have a lot of time on their hands, and good eyesight:

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