Tuesday, July 11, 2017

MP monastery in Ukraine

General Sharing with cautious reservations: "Icon of St John of Shanghai streams myron.".... at an MP monastery in Ukraine-

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Dan Everiss

Tue, Jul 11, 2017 at 12:08 PM

Proviso,...for thought: -caution is needed when hearing about reported MP miracles-

This is a reported miracle, reported from MP controlled sources,  in an MP subservient  monastery in Ukraine,  a typical MP magnificent impressive physical structure and an ideal-looking monastery.

Whereas, of course, God can and does make His miracles [ any miracles, great or small] anywhere (because 'The Holy Spirit moveth where it willeth'), plus for the fact, that genuine miracles connected to  holy icons or holy relics, can and do happen even amongst those who are not truly in the Church or amongst  those who have stolen our Orthodox holy places and churches and things, -which is what the Kremlin captive MP is all about, the apostates of the Sergianist/Ecumenist Stalin founded & totally uncanonical 'Moscow Patriarchy', even so, the full spiritual MEANING of such miracles is not always clear to all....even when they are genuine miracles.

This reported miracle may not be genuine.

Because the Sergianist heretics and apostates, USE GOD and USE Orthodoxy, they use our holy things and holy prayers and holy rituals,  to fool the world, and to advance their un-Orthodox and un-Christian anti-God secular power oriented atheist agenda. Truly,  this is the prophetic pattern of what and how Antichrist will openly rule...pretending to be God, while actually representing Satan. The Moscow Patriarchy and worldly-Orthodox, are  manifestations of Antichrist.

But PERHAPS......if  this  is a true miracle, it may be God's warning  to these people to repent, and not as His or His saint's sign of His approval upon them.
Miraculous  signs are not always God's blessing or His approval upon those who see or experience  them. Often they are dire forebodings of punishments to come, God's call to repentance of those in error.

And anyway, from the factual life and actual recorded teachings of St. John Maximovitch, we know that he utterly opposed the Moscow Patriarchy as a false-Russian Church. So these mislead people-like much of the mislead laity in the MP,  are celebrating a saint who taught against them, not in favour of their apostasy. If they listened to his teachings, [which I doubt that they have available to them those factual writings] they would leave the MP.

Maybe...that...is what this miracle with his icon is really all about?

And anyway: "Those whom the Lord loveth, He...chastizeth!" i.e. He sends trials and tests and also signs and wonders,  to waken us from our sins and to move us  to repentance, and to bring us closer to Himself.

 All around us, every day, and at every moment, and everywhere, are His miracles and signs of His existence and of His love for us, of His marvelous power- if we only see them. All of His creation is a miracle. "Who art everywhere present and Who fillist all things!...."

"How marvelous are Thy works O Lord, there is no tongue sufficient to hymn Thy wonders!, Thou art the God Who worketh wonders!"

Hence, this may indeed be a genuine miraculous event with St. John's icon...or...it also could be...another fake miracle, among many that the MP seems to like to cook up......in order to fool people, and to extract more money from them.... into believing that they  are the true Russian Church. We know, that they are not.
Just my views-"Trust but verify!"

Reader Daniel in Oregon

From: Saint Edward Brotherhood <info@saintedwardbrotherhood.org>
Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2017 1:59 AM
Subject: Icon of St John of Shanghai stream myron.

Bless!  The first link is a report in English and the second one in Russian.

From: Anne von Bennigsen 

On June 2, the commemoration day of the holy hierarch and wonderworker St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco, the patronal feast of the Svyatogorsk Lavra skete named ...

2 июня, в день памяти святителя Иоанна, Шанхайского, Сан-Францисского и Адамовского ...

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