Thursday, July 27, 2017

666 is Allah

And FOR THOUGHT: One!-interesting contribution [among many!- on You-Tube] to our better understanding of Islam: "The number 666, the Mark of the Beast, is the name of 'Allah'"

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Dan Everiss

Wed, Jul 26, 2017 at 1:52 AM

Why should we Orthodox Christians [of any and all nationalities]  study and learn the full meaning of the religion of false-Messiah and false Prophet Muhammad's... Islam-['Submission'] and what are its disastrous  Influences [historically recorded for those who want to read it] upon its slavish soul-dead adherents, through its entire terrible oppressive and bloody history and even today, as Muslim  individuals, and as with whole Islamic captive nations, and indeed upon all of mankind which Islam is  today harming and about  its many countless specific evils it has perpetrated  upon mankind  for the approximately 1400 plus years since Muhammad of Thrice Cursed Memory, founded it?

Who has suffered more than Orthodox Christians from Islam? Our fellow Orthodox believers were its first victims and remain so today.

We, and all people of every nation, need to fully understand what it is really all Islam attempts  to take over the entire world, and to enslave us all.

On you-tube alone, are many many personal and sincere video testimonies of converted x-Muslims, who give their personal and truthful heartrending  accounts of what it does to individuals and to whole societies, and why so many of them, [millions] world-wide,  are fleeing and leaving it, [both publically but more so, in secret],  and many  are becoming  Christians or even total atheists after all the damage it has done to them. When many Muslims even just  read the Bible, our Orthodox Holy Book,  for the first time, their hearts are touched and they  decide to join themselves to Christ, as their True and real God. Many too, Christ Himself,  has visited and revealed Himself to them, directly....[-view the many you-tube conversion accounts....and then decide if they are telling the truth. Some are Islamic scholars, highly educated, while others are simple people of lower classes, both men  and women, the young and the elderly of many various Muslim dominated ethnic groups and nations.

Islam is anti-human and anti-True God. It darkens and oppresses the mind and the soul and the heart.

Even our western secular humanists, it persecutes. It has zero toleration of any divergence from its soul and mind numbing dictates. Obey or die! is its  normal rule of activity.

Islam means ..'submission'... to Satan, the heathen and false demonic-god they call, 'Allah'. pure and simple.

ALL NEED TO READ THE TRUTHFUL...and rotten, HISTORY!... not only of what teaches... but what it has ACTUALLY DONE.... in its 1400 years plus. And as best any of us can, we need to try to convert Muslims to our Holy Orthodox Christian Faith, for their good and ours. BECAUSE, God hates the sin, but He loves the sinner!, and wishes that all be saved and come to Him.....which is why Our Lord JESUS CHRIST THE GOD-MAN, became Incarnate and came to earth.  And He created  all of mankind in His pure and holy image.

GOD LOVES ALL MUSLIMS!....whereas merciless 'Allah' hates humans, which is among the chief signs of 'who' he really is....the fallen angel, Lucifer, 'the destroyer of worlds'.

"By their fruits shall ye know them", said Our Lord.

And we are called to be 'wise as serpents , but harmless as doves'.

CLICK onto this link for the best viewing of this video:

When the AntiChrist comes to earth, he will make everyone submit to him and take his mark on their foreheads and right hands. Without this mark you will not ...

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