Saturday, July 15, 2017

The monthly "Shepherd" is put out by St. Edward's in the UK

And A General Sharing: "A Mid-Summer WOLF"

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Dan Everiss

Sat, Jul 15, 2017 at 1:09 PM

Explanation for those who are not familiar:

The monthly "Shepherd" is put out by Archimandrite Alexius of the St. Edward's Orthodox Brotherhood, in Surrey in the UK, a men's monastery
of the Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece, 'the GOC',  and their diocesan bishop is Bishop Ambrose of Methone, who is under Archbishop Kallinikos of Athens, with whose jurisdiction our world-wide ROCA under our canonical head, Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel (Pashkowsky) is in full communion.

Vladyka Agafangel is the sole legitimate episcopal-remnant of the old free pre-2007 betrayal to the MP, of a large part of our ROCA. He was a  full and canonical member of the ROCA Synod of bishops, when the other bishops in it, apostatized in 2007. He alone stayed true to the Russian Church Abroad. Thus, he and his Synod, continues the genuine canonical and free ROCA.

Our ROCA is also in full communion with the Bulgarian Old Calendar Church, and the Romanian Old Calendar Church, plus with faithful in Georgia and the Holy Land, and Cyprus, etc.

Archimandrite Alexius shares, monthly,  many very good spiritual lessons from various saints & Orthodox church news from the UK and elsewhere,
and on various topics related to traditional Orthodox piety.

It is his self-effacing humour to label his publication, "The Wolf".
This publication is well worth subscribing to and reading. It is available on the internet, as you can read here.

Reader Daniel Everiss in the fir forests of southwestern Oregon

From: Saint Edward Brotherhood <>
Sent: Friday, July 14, 2017 4:48 AM
Subject: A Mid-Summer WOLF

Dear-in-Christ, Everyone, bless!

It being the first day of the month, the July issue of "The Shepherd" is now up on the brotherhood's website: <>
The Saint Edward Brotherhood was established at Brookwood in 1982 to prepare and care for the Church in which the sacred relics of Saint Edward the Martyr were to be ...

The service list insert, with the Scriptural readings and the fasting guidelines, is also now posted there. We hope these will help and inform you.

Pray for us.

With love in Christ,

A, Sinner & Bros

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