Sunday, February 19, 2017

3 icons Christ Enthroned

Sharing For Deep & Sober Thought on this Sunday of the Last Judgement: 3 icons of - Christ All-Mighty Enthroned:

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Dan Everiss

Sun, Feb 19, 2017 at 3:43 PM

On this fearful Sunday we, with much trembling and humble tearful repentance,  dare to commemorate the coming longed-for day, of  the Archangel Gabriel's trumpet's loud call, of The Glorious yet Dread Day of Christ's Triumphant Second Coming, The Lord of the Living and the Dead, HE WHO WAS, WHO IS, and WHO FOREVER SHALL BE!, The Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and The End, of His  General Resurrection of all the dead of  all the ages, and the Last Judgement, and the Restoration of all Things, of fallen and now suffering and in anguish and decay and dying and groaning creation, to its blessed primordial pristine state, before our fore-father Adam's  Fall. The Paradise of Eden will be restored, the real heaven on earth re-established, as God always planned.

OH PARADISE!,.... OH PARADISE! ....How we long for thee........the homeland of our heart's desiring.

Evenso, Lord Jesus!, Come quickly, come quickly!  AMEN and AMEN! So be it!

LORD HAVE MERCY UPON US ALL! in that dread and terror filled  day! May we, each one of us,  be pure and blameless and worthy sheep to enter Paradise then, and not be justly, with the goats,  cast into Hell Eternal, but to belong in Christ's heavenly mansions, where all the saints abide, in the bosom of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. AMEN


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