Monday, February 20, 2017

Thanks from Bulgaria

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Dan Everiss

Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 1:18 PM

From: Saint Edward Brotherhood <>
Sent: Monday, February 20, 2017 12:50 PM
Subject: Thanks from Bulgaria

From: Nadejda Hadjieva
Subject: Grat Bow

Beloved in Christ Father Alexii, dear Parish of St. Edward the Martyr

My name is Nadejda Hadjieva and I am writing this letter to thank all
of you. You have a wonderful parish - christians with merciful hearts.
St. Ioan Chrysostomos has once said that there is no sin that mercy
can not cover.

And now a few more facts about us and our situation:

I did'not know absolutely anything about the donation campaign which
my dearest friend Eva has launched. I was informed about this by
Bishop Photios's secretary who has called a friend of mine in Sofia.
This was a great surprise and at first I was shocked. Eva has kept it
all a secret. She knew I would not agree you to share your money with
me. It is true that I have told her that at present my family is in
great need because we have recently moved from Bulgaria to Germany and
now in winter it is hard for my husband, who is a construction
specialist, to find work. I have not yet all the necessary documents
ready in order to be able to receive financial back up from the State.

I have told Eva that at present I have only three beds and a fridge.
Maybe this is the reason she decided to help us by addressing you.
Thank you for all you have done, for having put yourselves into my
shoes and for being really compassionate. May God see your good hearts
and may the guardian angels of my suffering children (I have four
children, two of whom are 17 years'old twins with cerebral palsy) help
You support came as a Christmas present to me. The same has happened
to my family many years ago and the man who came to our rescue was
Bishop Photios himself!

Many years ago we have just moved to Sofia in January in order to be
closer to the hospital where my twins were undergoing some medical
treatment. Me and my husband we were both students at that time - two
students with two handicapped babies. Our abbess Seraphima, let her
memory be eternal, provided us with a free place to live in and during
all that time Bishop Photios has been taking care of us but we were
not aware of this fact at that time....

I am saying this because all of us we are rich. God is our father and
He is taking care of us and I have always counted only on Him! And no
matter how many sins I have committed, He mercifully kept on sending
me help throughout the years.

Please allow me to say a big THANK YOU once again!

With love in Christ

Nadejda Hadjieva

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