Saturday, February 25, 2017

General Sharing: GOC article: Many PHOTOS: SARDINIA Pastoral Visit

Pastoral Visit to Sardinia:

> A short report from the Oropos & Fili website today:
WARNING: I gave up trying to spend a lot of wasted time, in my declining health and in gradually going blind from glaucoma, to smooth-out this machine-English. So for readers to fully understand this report in 100% GOOD ENGLISH, please just read the descriptive report text on the link here, of the original English language report....posted by Oropos and Fili:

> Link to read the ALL- good human-English & ORIGINAL descriptive report with these photos: 

(The machine-English translation FROM the Russian machine-translation FROM this below original all-good-English text, is rough and hard to follow in some places).


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