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ROCA: Metropolitan Agafangel's Ukase

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Dan Everiss

Tue, Aug 16, 2016 at 7:18 PM

A human-English translation:

> President of the Hierarchal Synod of the ROCA
> Ukase
> In connection with Archbishop Andronik’s statement concerning his recognition of and his submission to the Ukases of the Hierarchal Synod and Council of the ROCA, I withdraw the Ukase of the Hierarchical  Synod concerning his retirement and  order  the restoration of   his status in the Canadian and Syracuse Dioceses,  as it was before  the meeting of the last Hierarchal Synod on 19-29 July, 2016. At general parish meetings, the parishes in Astoria and Valley Cottage will choose to which diocese they will belong, and these decisions will be supported and confirmed by the Synod.
> 3/16 August 2016
> + Metropolitan Agafangel
> +Archbishop George (I agree with the decision of the Metropolitan only for the sake of the peace and unity of the ROCA)

Russian and a humanly smoothed-out machine English:
ROCA: Step to overcome divisions
Автор: Митрополит Агафангел вкл. Author: Metropolitan Agafangel incl. . . Опубликовано в РПЦЗ (Просмотров: 2) Published in the ROCA (Views: 2)
Таги: рпцз , сша Tags: ROCA , USA

6-17 August, at the GOC-Greek monastery [of St. John Maximovitch] in New York, in the United States, there was hosted a meeting of representatives of the Synod of Bishops of ROCOR, Metropolitan Agafangel (Chairman), Archbishop George (Secretary) and Archbishop Andronicus, which meeting was brokered by Metropolitans Demetrios and Moses (of the GOC-Greece).  As a result of this meeting, due to the efforts of the President of the Synod, and the initiatives of Archbishop Andronicus, there has been annulled Vl. Andronik's previous statement that he refuses to recognize the decrees and resolutions of the Metropolitan Agafangel, the Council of Bishops and the Synod.  In turn, Metropolitan Agafangel withdrew the decree of the Synod against Archbishop Andronicus in retiring him.  The Syracuse and the Canadian Diocese, thus have been returned to the former status of before the July, 2016, ruling of the Synod.   Archbishop George agreed with the decision.  The meeting was also attended by Archpriest Nikita Grigoriev and subdeacon John Herbst.  Archbishop Sophronius, who participated in the meeting at the end of it, said he would think of taking a similar decision. 


[Another]  translation of this article, on internetsobor:
Archbishop Sophrony’s remark was reported in the post on the Internet Sober website, which reads in English as follows:

On 16-17 August, a meeting took place at the GOC monastery in the USA between representatives of the Hierarchal Synod of the ROCA, Metropolitan Agafangel (President) and Archbishop George (Secretary), and Archbishop Andronik, through the mediation of Metropolitans Demetrius and Moses (GOC). As a result of this meeting, owing to the initiative of the President of the Synod, Archbishop Andronik annulled his statement that he refuses to recognize the Ukases and Enactments of Metropolitan Agafangel [and] of the Hierarchal Council and Synod. In his turn, Metropolitan Agafangel withdrew the Ukase of the Synod concerning the retirement of Archbishop Andronik. Thus, the Syracuse and Canadian Dioceses have returned to the status that was [in effect] before the July 2016 Synod. Archbishop George agreed with such a decision. At the meeting, Protopriest Nikita Gregoriev and Subdeacon John Herbst also took part. Archbishop Sophrony, who participated in the meeting at its end, said that he will think about taking an analogous decision.


All-Russian text of this article: (found also on:<http://internetsobor.org>

РПЦЗ: Шаг к преодолению раскола

Автор: Митрополит Агафангел вкл. . Опубликовано в РПЦЗ (Просмотров: 1)
Таги: рпцз , сша

16-17 августа, в монастыре ИПЦ Греции в США произошла встреча представителей Архиерейского Синода РПЦЗ Митрополита Агафангела (Председатель), Архиепископа Георгия (Секретарь) и Архиепископа Андроника при посредничестве Митрополитов Димитрия и Моисея (ИПЦ Греции). В результате этой встречи, вследствие инициативы Председателя Синода, Архиепископ Андроник аннулировал свое заявление о том, что он отказывается признавать Указы и Постановления Митрополита Агафангела, Архиерейского Собора и Синода. В свою очередь, Митрополит Агафангел отозвал Указ Синода о почислении Архиепископа Андроника на покой. Сиракузская и Канадская епархия, таким образом, вернулась к состоянию, бывшему до июльского Синода, 2016 года, положению. С таким решением согласился Архиепископ Георгий. Во встрече приняли  участие также протоиерей Никита Григорий и иподиакон Иоанн Хербст. Архиепископ Софроний, участвовавший во встрече в конце ее, сказал, что подумает над принятием аналогичного решения.

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