Friday, August 12, 2016

Human translation of the Impious Pathetic Schism Ukaz

Informational Sharing: With human-English translation: Newest Ukaz from the Astoria Supreme Soviet Presidium Council


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Dan Everiss

Fri, Aug 12, 2016 at 3:17 PM

Comment: These rebellious anti-Orthodox people have already left our canonical ROCA, and are in full anti-Orthodox and impious schism.

I believe firmly that this anti-lawful episcopal authority parish council, whose rebellion is aimed at our entire ROCA, has the end goal of taking our Astoria parish and property to ROCOR/MP.  Even now, they firmly believe in a protestant type of parish rule - NO REAL Canonical BISHOP.  It looks more and more that this has been their agenda from the start.

I predict seeing ROCOR/MP Hilarion Kapral celebrating a molieben and Liturgy in his new, Holy Trinity Church in Astoria, New York.

Getting the majority on the parish council and thus capturing it, and then by voting and issuing dictatorial edicts, and firstly by rejecting ROCOR episcopal and priestly authority, i.e. our Metropolitan Agafangel and our ROCA Synod of Bishops, and Fr. Vladimir Petrenko - whom our Synod appointed to be the rector there, which is really their only roadblock, as has been the MP's way of seizing various ROCOR parishes around the world and in a somewhat similar fashion, as with  the Santiago, Chile ROCOR Holy Trinity Church, step by step, & booting out the priest they don't want, changing the door locks, & installing THEIR chosen priests, etc. and making physical threats, including threats of civil legal actions and use of the police, which method has worked before, so why not again?, but this time in Astoria.

Vl. Andronik is too weak to stop them, indeed in preventing them from doing whatsoever they decide, i.e. THEY CONTROL HIM, and not HE THEM! that is why they claim him as their sole bishop.  He is really their total puppet.  He seems to say yes, with a smile, to whatever those around him and controlling him want him to agree with, even signing his name to various uncanonical and outrageous edicts, and then later, verbally saying: "But just because my signature is on it, doesn't mean that I agree with everything in it" (!)  What a sad end to his rather short episcopate!... and to all the many years that Fr. Vsevolod Dutikow worked to build up that Holy Trinity parish, and the many previous to his 20 years of his rectorship, of the previous ROCOR priests and supportive laity, before him.

And to those who are now, so foolishly following and/or mistakenly idolizing Andronik: He is only a bishop now, because our Synod of bishops made him a fellow-bishop, and also it is they who now have officially retired him as a bishop.

He has absolutely no right to act as a independent bishop, nor to wage war against his fellow bishops!, from the Synod which made him a bishop.

And now he is heading a pathetic useless and groundless unfounded schism.

Woe to those who idolize or who follow him, as they are thus departing from the Universal Orthodox Church.... from any pretense of being a genuine part of Orthodox Church life.

Pathetic confused weak and indecisive Vl. Andronik Kotlaroff has become the Gospel, 'The blind leading the blind and they both shall fall into the ditch'.

I as with most who ever had any dealings or contact or words with Vl. Andronik, used to have only warm and respectful feelings towards this kindly spiritual man.  Now?.. what are we to think of him?

(Remember too, in the past, how many of us believed that Met. Lavr  Skurla was also a kindly and a VERY holy man?  and we loved  him dearly.)

He needs to repent of this madness, and so do those who claim him now as their 'sole bishop'.

THAT might heal this schism, God grant it!

Where!? is his mind?... and where are their minds!?  Has he lost his mind?... some of us believe so.

Otherwise what he is a leading now, helped by other members of his family, will be called, 'The Kotlaroff Schism'.

Or is this what some cynics here in America have labeled: "Spreading Orthodoxy... by schism!" ?

God save us!

P.S Now are forming the two opposing battle lines: those with the schism, and those loyal to ROCA.

I have no choice in my conscience but to remain loyal to our ROCA, to our honorable Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel and to our honorable ROCA Synod.   And I urge others to do the same.

Rd. Daniel in Oregon

*Human-English translation, so that all may read what this council and Fr. Dimitry Dobranravov have to a say:
Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church
25-36 37th St., Astoria, N.Y., 11103

From: Father Dmitriy Dobranravov Church (718) 726-7870

TO: Most Reverend Agafangel, Metropolitan of New York and Eastern America, Archbishop of Taurida and Odessa, Ruling Hierarch of the New-York, Odessa and Zaporozhe Dioceses, President of the Hierarchal Council and Synod of the ROCA.

And TO: Right Reverend Gregory, Bishop of Sao Paulo and South America, Vice-President of the Synod of the ROCA. Ruling Hierarch of the South-American Diocese.

And TO: Right Reverend George, Archbishop of Kishinev and Moldova, Ruling Hierarch of the Kishinev and Bolgrad Dioceses.  Secretary of the Hierarchal Synod.

And TO: Right Reverend Andronicus, Archbishop of Ottawa and Canada. Member of the Synod of the ROCA. Ruling Hierarch of the Canadian and Syracuse Dioceses.

And TO: Right Reverend Sophronius, Archbishop of Saint Petersburg and Northern Russian, Ruling Hierarch of the Saint-Petersburg Diocese.

3 August, 2016

Dear, in the Lord, Vladykas, bless.

By this letter, we are informing you, that in accordance with the decision of the Holy-Trinity Parish Council on 3 August 2016, we do not recognize the punishments imposed by the Synod on 21 July 2016 on Archbishop Andronicus and Archbishop Sophronius. We likewise do not recognize, in the capacity of our ruling hierarch, either Metropolitan Agafangel, who resides in Ukraine, or Vladyka Gregory, we resides in Brazil. Our ruling hierarch was and remains Vladyka Andronicus, whom we continue to commemoration in this capacity.

The Parish Council is informing Metropolitan Agafangel and Archbishop George that it does not see a necessity to hold a general meeting as planned by them. In the event of their appearance in the parish, the Parish Council retains for itself the right of recourse to the laws functioning in the USA which protect an American corporation from interference in its internal affairs. 

Rector of Holy-Trinity Parish, Fr. Dmitriy (Dobronravov) (signature)

Secretary Vadim Yarmolinets (signature)

(parish seal)


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