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Patronal Feast in the Monastery of St. Marina, in Attika, Greece

Photo reports: Two articles about our ROCA's sister churches: 

Patronal Feast of St. Marina in Attika, Greece, 

and [see previous post] 60th. Anniversary Celebration of the ordination of Met. Photios of Triadidsky

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Dan Everiss

Mon, Aug 1, 2016 at 11:50 AM

A comment: Our ROCA and our much beloved and appreciated sister churches, are only in co-communion, because of and THROUGH the heads of our ROCA, Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel and our ROCA Synod of Bishops, and through no other means.
Therefore those current schism minded rebels inside of our ROCA, who seem to imagine that they, ON THEIR OWN VOLITION,  can BYPASS this canonical 'connection' with  our sister churches, and reject our ROCA's canonical leaders, and then, on their own, create some new (uncanonical connection their wonderment, pseudo-'church']  with  our sister churches, are totally ignorant and deluded schismatics, and destroyers of Orthodox Church order.
They are SO misguided and SO out of order!
These confused and mixed up rebels have already separated themselves from The Universal Orthodox Church.
THEY HAVE NO RIGHT! reject lawful canonical episcopal authority, NO MATTER WHAT PRETENCE they come up with!
And what is the most heard central complaint by these folks, against our Metropolitan Agafangel and our Synod of Bishops?: ...."We don't ...LIKE.... them!"....i.e. personal & unChristian revenge vendettas, and an inability to FORGIVE!
They need to reconsider their lawless schism,[ which includes the two renegade canonically retired, bishops leading them.. or being lead BY THEM?]  and REPENT-ALL OF THEM!...before it is too late for them all, both here on earth, and later in Eternity.
And we who stay loyal to our ROCA's lawful and APOSTOLIC higher church authority, need to close our doors and our ears and our minds, and our hearts to them, and from their lies, and flee from them.
WE must not listen to anything  they have to dump on us. None of them have any valid excuse for this irrational and mindless IMPIOUS schism....NONE WHATSOEVER!
And by their numerous lies and libels and malicious slanders against our lawful bishops, they prove that they have already left the Church.
Rd. Daniel in Oregon

Patronal Feast in the Monastery of St. Marina, in Attika, Greece:
 CPI Greece: Photo patronal feast in the monastery of Saint Marina in Attica.
Автор: Монахиня Вера вкл. Author: NUN VERA. . . Опубликовано в ИПЦ Греции (Просмотров: 23) Posted in Greek CPI (Views: 23)
17/30 июля 2016 г. монастырь Св. Марины в Кератее (Аттика), во главе с архимандритом Григорием (Тафлариосом), праздновал свой престольный Праздник.

 17/30 July 2016 at the monastery of St.. Marina in Keratea (Attica), headed by Archimandrite Gregory (Taflariosom), celebrated its feast day.

 Возглавил вечерню и Божественную литургию Митрополит Аттикийский и Беотийский Хризостом. 

Leading the Vespers and Divine Liturgy, was Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Attikiysky and Boeotian.

В конце литургии состоялся крестный ход со святыми мощами и иконой святой Марины, в котором принял участие Высокопреосвященнейший Фотий Димитриадский.
 At the end of the Liturgy there was held a cross-procession with the holy relics and the icon of Saint Marina, which was also attended by His Eminence, Photios of Dimitriadsky.

Вечерня: Vespers:
Божественная литургия: Divine Liturgy:

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