Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Third Week of Lent, Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel Visits Holy Ascension Parish

General Sharing: the Third Week of Lent, Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel Visits Holy Ascension Parish in Fairfax, Virginia-

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Dan Everiss

Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 9:52 AM
Note: Retired Bishop Joseph (Hrebinka) is reportedly in further declining poor health.
Prayers are asked for his health.

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 ROCA: The week of the Cross, Metropolitan Agafangel served in Ascension Parish in the US (PHOTOS) Автор: Митрополит Агафангел вкл. Author: Metropolitan Agafangel incl. . . Опубликовано в РПЦЗ (Просмотров: 47) Published in the ROCA (Views: 47)

В Неделю Крестопоклонную, 3 апреля, Митрополит Агафангел возглавил служение Божественной Литургии в Вознесенском приходе в Фаирфакс, близ Вашингтона, в США.

 In the week of the Cross April 3, Metropolitan Agafangel led the Divine Liturgy at the Ascension Parish in Fairfax, Virginia, near Washington DC,  in the United States.

 Ему сослужили протоиерей Владимир Петренко и настоятель прихода иерей Андрей Фрик.

He was joined by Archpriest Vladimir Petrenko and the parish priest Andrew Frick.

После службы была трапеза, за которой владыка Агафангел ответил на вопросы прихожан.

 After the service there was the meal, at which Vladyka  Agafangel  answered questions from members. Жизнь в этом нашем приходе протекает спокойно, число прихожан увеличивается.
The parish is peaceful and growing.


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