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English Letters of Fr. Seraphim (Rose)

My Revised General Informational Sharing: (after I took two days to read them all): English Letters 
of Fr. Seraphim (Rose), so far put online

Dan Everiss <>
Mon, Apr 11, 2016 at 12:18 PM

In Russian: 104 letters:

My warning before reading these, very personal!,  letters from the past: ...[and perhaps these are not all of his letters written back then?]. I eagerly await, if the Platina brotherhood will post his LATER letters, as in the years before his passing. Because if they dare do that, then we shall perhaps read of his complaints and/or defenses of his monastic brother.
In hindsight now, we know the further results and outcomes of many of these people
 in these old letters, and their further deeds, good or bad, and the unbelievable twists and turns of subsequent church history, after these letters were written, especially after Fr. Seraphim's passing. For instance, for all of the genuine undoubted spiritual struggles of Fr. Herman, (who had a very chaotic formative childhood in soviet Latvia, where members of his family were tortured and murdered/martyred  by the communists, and where he thought to take his own life several times, as he related to me many years ago),
 he himself was far from a stable human being [mentally or spiritually], or a perfect or blameless  monk. His own misdeeds, of the flesh and of prelest,  ...none of which were
 caused by our diocesan archbishop, Vl. Anthony [Medvedev] who did many praiseworthy good deeds in his life!... or  by anyone else, were many and defiling, mixed with his also, many good deeds! He reached great spiritual heights, and then, because of his giving in to the carnal lusts of his flesh and because of his enormous pride, as a self-holy 'starets'/elder, he fell into terrible depths,...which is a common pattern we read about in the Lives of Saints. He died in schism and rebellion. He gave in to his passions, and then made excuses for doing it.  He harmed many souls, myself included. He drove me away from his Platina Monastery.  He drove only God knows, how many wounded souls, especially of young men, from the Church, even from God. He 'wrought havoc' in this western ROCOR diocese, in the words of a prominent priest here. He caused a division of the flock here, some seeing him as a martyric SAINT persecuted by his evil diocesan bishop, -Vl. Anthony [Medvedev], while others [actually fewer in number], stood firmly on Vladyka Anthony's side....who had to be ordered by the Synod to defrock Herman.
When Herman  first knew that ROCOR planned on defrocking him, he secretly went to the MP Bishop in San Francisco, Mark Shavikin, [ whom I had previously personally known, when he was a priest in the Metropolia],  and placed himself under his omophore!...i.e. he joined the MP!
 His absurd rebellious arrogant schism, joining himself and his Platina  monastery with the bizarre New Age, cult, 'The Holy Order of MANS', then renamed, 'The Orthodox Brotherhood of Christ the Saviour', and the [defrocked New Calendar American Greek Archdiocese former priest), vagante 'Metropolitan Pangratios Vrionis, of Queens', New York, ....after Fr. Seraphim's passing,  ( rather than to just repent), was in itself, alone, a terrible terrible!...unjustified and totally without excuse act....the actions of a severely mentally & spiritually  deranged mind and soul,...and all this I declare  about Herman Podmoshensky,  who spent a large part of his later years, 
in slandering and vilifying me, because I, among others,  told the truth to my archbishop...under a solemn oath,  about his misdeeds, in order to stop him from harming more souls,  is: May God Forgive Him! and have mercy upon his soul!
Had not God strengthened me, I might have fled Orthodoxy, because of him. He made me look as the villain in this ROCOR diocese, while his glossy-eyed cultic followers referred to him as 'our living saint'....which pathetic adulation he encouraged.
I hope, but do not know, that he sincerely....repented before God, before he left this world. I hope he did. Never did he ask my forgiveness, never.
About Fr. Seraphim, I have only praise. 
He was the sincere true monk and long-suffering ascetic. He suffered from the sins of his monastic partner.
On Fr. Seraphim's intensive care hospital death bed, he was heard clearly to say in Herman's face, three times before he died: "I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!" When later these last death-bed  words were repeated to Vl. Anthony, he replied: "But then, Fr. Seraphim cannot be a saint!"
  However, if beloved Fr. Seraphim Rose,  be a saint now in heaven, or not, regardless - ONLY GOD IS PERFECT!
But Herman (Gleb) Podmoshensky cannot possibly be a saint, and he does not deserve such praise, but only our prayers for God to forgive him.
Rd. Daniel Everiss in Oregon

THIS LINK: (shared by an Orthodox brother in Bulgaria)

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