Sunday, February 10, 2013

What about the relics?

What will the MP do with the relics of this, 'decononized' Martyr???

St. Basil Kineshma 
 Moscow Patriarchate dekanoniziroval 36 martyrs, of which the most famous was the Martyr Basil Kineshemsky. His relics are at the Monastery of Ivanovo. Now their fate is unknown. "Senior Specialist" on the new martyrs of the MP, Abbot Damascene (Orlovsky), which at one time under his own name gave the stolen life of St. ROCOR. Basil with cuts, arrived in Ivanovo and the bag took away the power of the saint in an unknown
direction.  We are concerned about the fate of these relics, as representatives of the MP can simply destroy.

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