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Jordanville disloyal to America

Update: February 16, 2012

Was a false alarm - in Jordanville remembered as the U.S. government and army, and commemorated

Jordanville: Explanation of the erroneous article about nepominovenii in Holy Trinity Monastery of American power in Article 8 (in Russian varinat - On February 11, in English) on February news service .

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Another concrete example of just how disloyal to America, is Jordanville, and the ROCOR/MP! 

Comment: Of course, no Orthodox Christian, anywhere. should practice or condone the murder of  unborn human beings, i.e. 'abortion'.  In America, we and those many other sincere Christians, fight against it.

Yet, in Putin's Russian Federation it is legal, and there the MP church, (to which ROCOR/MP since 2007 is linked to and subservient to), prays/obeys  anyway... for his government and his military, etc.

But here, in America (the main enemy, as the Kremlin perceives it, to the neo-soviet KGB/FSB regime in Russia),...pious ROCOR/MP is proving, that it is a foreign enemy pseudo-religion, which is disloyal to America, refuses to pray for it, and which should be thrown out of this, MY country!

And the fact that Jordanville started to not pray FOR this country, way back when Bill Clinton was president, only goes to prove, that it and a percentage of émigrés, distained this country, preferring Russia?, then too, (yet, while LIVING HERE!) outrageous!

That foul 2007 '-re-union of the two parts of the Russian church', was not only a religious capitulation and a betrayal of Orthodoxy, but it was and still is, a stab to the heart of this land, & an anti-American traitorous act, aimed against this country.

In every country where the Orthodox church has ever existed, it ALWAYS prays FOR God to bless, the established government, whether or not it agrees with all of it's laws.

Once again, ROCOR/MP is proving that it is now, (perhaos always was?) a disloyal foreign-enemy  organization inside of America, working for our international mortal enemies, i.e. the KGB run Kremlin.

I vote to seize & close down all of their ROCOR/MP churches, & throw them & their fellow KGB operatives, out of MY country, and the sooner the better!

Rd. Daniel Everiss ...a loyal American, ( my sole earthly country!) & also against abortion, but loyal to my country.

P.S. And anyone who is now living in America, but who hates it, should get out!
and go to somewhere else where they might fit in better, and be happy.

The spiritual center, [i.e. Jordanville]  of the Russian diaspora [ROCOR/MP] does not pray [for] the U.S. authorities. because of [it's] position on abortion 

Moscow.  February 8. 
Interfax - The Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY (USA) - the spiritual center of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad [ROCOR / MP] - does not commemorate in the liturgy, the US authorities. [Government]

This decision was made during the presidency of Bill Clinton.

 The reason - the legality of abortion in the country, said the abbot and rector of the local seminary, Archimandrite Luke (Murianka), as quoted by the press service of the movement "Warriors of life." 

 The leader of the movement, Dmitry Baranov recently made a pilgrimage to Jordanville and talked with this father Luke.

 According to the priest, they still in the liturgy proclaim: "Land of the plain, in the faith and piety of people living in it so the Lord God will bless us in His Kingdom!"

 It does not mention [the US] government and army.

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