Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lefty loses favor

Leonid Kishkovsky falls from grace? 

Extra! Kishkovsky Being “Phased Out” or Fired?
February 23, 2013

     Two days ago, Metropolitan Tikhon and Fr John Jillions did the heretofore unthinkable: they began the phase out of Fr Leonid “Lefty” Kishkovsky, longtime Director of External Relations for the OCA. In addition to his other meddlesome duties as puppet-master of Syosset, Kishkovsky was champion of leftist claptrap, ecumenist, all-around scold, and darling of the National Council of Churches. In addition to these troublesome duties, it was he, probably more than anybody else, who tried to get rid of His Beatitude almost from the day of Jonah’s enthronement as Metropolitan.
     During his Reign of Error, the OCA became a laughingstock in world Orthodoxy. Even today, the repercussions are being felt: as Syosset just reported, the OCA was invited to the enthronement of John X, the new Patriarch of Antioch in Beirut. However no OCA clergyman was allowed to serve in the altar –a decided slap in the face to the OCA.
     We are uncertain as to what precipitated this long-overdue phase out, the most recent indication that Kishkovsky was told by Metropolitan Tikhon and Fr. Jillions that he would NOT accompany them to a very private meeting at the Greek Archdiocese on Friday; but we are glad that these men (of whom Monomakhos has been highly critical for quite some time) are finally doing the right thing.

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