Friday, February 8, 2013

Orthodox corruption?

VIDEO: "Watch People & Power - Orthodox corruption?" -about the MP, Putin, and corrupt church-related businesses 

Warning: This valuable interview and video are produced by Aljazeera, which is an Islamic owned news
network, which of course, has it's own agenda.

This video is all in English conversation, or with an English translation at the bottom of the screen, when Russian is being spoken.

It is a valuable, (no matter who produced it), on the spot, insider testimony as to some of the current massive all-encompassing corruption in the Russian Federation, involving the MP, Putin's regime, and business interests, etc.

Also, it spells out some of the neo-soviet regime's hoped for, further, on-going...USE of it's captive, Russian-Religion, (i.e. MONEY and POWER) & for the subservient MP, in it's desire to control and manipulate the very SOULS and hearts and minds, (and bodies!), of the population, to do it's  bidding, (exactly the same utility reasons that Stalin in 1943 founded his MP to accomplish).

Let the viewer see and hear this, and decide for yourselves.

And this corrupt and enslaved to the FSB, 'Moscow Patriarchia', is the 'Mother Church' that Met. Lavr-Shkurla and crew, sold out our old free ROCOR to, in 2007!!!

Rd. Daniel 

P.S. One is especially amazed, that the FSB seems so intent on building so many lavish churches, close to/connected to it's various compounds and cadet-training facilities.

Does that mean, that, maybe? they will stop doing their many immoral unChristian oppressions and torturing and murdering of people, and their international espionage?

OH! sorry!... if those patriotic activities are done 'for Russia and Orthodoxy', then they are 'OK' (apparently) ....???

This VIDEO is actually very valuable!!! 
People & Power - Orthodox corruption?
After decades of suppression, the Russian Orthodox Church appears to be back in favour with the country's leadership.

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