Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jonah now in ROCOR/MP?

(Jonah now in ROCOR/MP?): 
A scattered Email-Conversation between members of ROCOR/MP Washington DC's St. John the Baptist Cathedral- 

The essence of this email conversation:

It is announcing the annual parish meeting, of the Washington DC ROCOR/MP Cathedral, and also that OCA retired Met. Jonah-Paffhausen will preside at the Sunday Liturgy at St. John's and he may also be  present at the parish meeting.

Further it is speculated, that this means that retired-OCA Met. Jonah, is... already... effectively... IN ROCOR/MP. .....though he is still not yet officially released by the OCA.

Also, here is testimony that.... some... OCA whole parishes are leaving the OCA (such as the Stafford, Virginia OCA parish, which already has moved), and moving to ROCOR/MP,  to express their strong anger & disapproval of this (to them) dastardly OCA treatment of their (beloved) Met. Jonah.

*They are following him, fleeing their old OCA, and moving to ROCOR/MP!

No doubt too, as we already have heard, there are many unhappy OCA laity, because of the many years of long term chaos/scandals/financial miss-management mainly at the top levels of their church, which most in the local OCA levels, seem to blame on their Syosset Headquarters (rightly or wrongly), not Jonah.

While those in that leadership role, who caused/forced Jonah to 'retire', claim that HE was at the heart of a lot of the mismanagement/poor leadership, and that either he.. had to go, or their church was finished.

Now, both the OCA and ROCOR/MP, mutually spiritually dependant on the KGB run Moscow MP-'church' and 'patriarch' are moving in directions, which may put them at odds with each other (?)

Perhaps the KGB's Holy Patriarch Kyrill-Gundaev, will save them both? (!!!)

 Conversation of various members of St. John's Cathedral parish:
 The way I read it is Metropolitan Jonah will preside at the liturgy.
> If he attends the meeting then it would be as a guest (which I would
> think is allowed.)
> Metropolitan Jonah, for all practical purposes, is part of ROCOR now.
> Just a matter of the OCA releasing him (mostlythe  Metropolitan agreeing
> to the terms I am sure). The OCA may loose parishes if it is not
> careful. The OCA parish in Stafford, VA moved to ROCOR. I am sure
> there are others that are considering moving.
> Metropolitan Jonah presiding..? at liturgy or at parish mtg? or
> both...? if at parish mtg, he has no place to preside as he is NOT
> assigned to the parish..he can best be called a visiting guest.. 
> From:
> Fr. John Johnson 
> A friendly reminder that there will be only one Divine Liturgy
> tomorrow due to the annual general meeting of the parish, with
> Metropolitan Jonah presiding. Hours will begin at 9:40 a.m.

 There will still be two Vigils this evening, at the normally scheduled times. 
> Regarding the annual general meeting, from the February Parish Life bulletin:
> On February 3rd, after the Divine Liturgy, a general meeting of the
> parish will be convened at 12:00 noon. In the absence of a quorum, a
> second meeting will be convened at 1:30 p.m., and will constitute a
> lawful and competent meeting regardless of the number of parishioners
> in attendance. Lunch will be served by the Sisterhood before the
> meeting.
> In Christ,
> Fr. John
> Priest John Johnson
> Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist

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  1. >>>(...the Stafford, Virginia OCA parish, which already has moved)<<<

    THAT is slick. MP is furious that their pro-MP comrade Jonah is ousted, but without missing a beat they turn to see how they can advance their agenda even using the set back. So now their agents inside the OCA are ushering their Jonah-backers into the RocorMP as a statement of loyalty to their old Met. And RocorMP is a giant step closer than the OCA is to being swallowed by "mother". Only a demon could think of that one. Have to give them credit...

    So, is the Stafford parish going to start using the old calendar and serve Saturday All-night Vigils? or is the RocorMP going to now have a new-calendar parish with Schemannated services?


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