Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fire Report from Kelseyville California

+Sharing: FIRE REPORT: from Igumen/Abbot Patrick of the GOC Orthodox Monastery of St. Gregory of Sinai in Northern California- where there are now many horribile big fires raging: We are all safe from the fires, Glory to God!

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Dan Everiss

Tue, Oct 10, 2017 at 12:20 AM

Note: At this moment there are many scattered and huge and out of human control fires, in many parts of both northern and southern California. People and animals are fleeing for their lives, houses have been burned down and many towns are being evacuated.

"O Lord! Have Mercy Upon Us! and Save Us! in our affliction and danger, and send Thy blessed rains from the vault of Heaven, we humbly beseech Thee, and put these fires out!~ Through the holy prayers of Thy Most Pure Mother, Our Lady Theotokos, and of All Thy Saints!
Amen and Amen!"

From: Fr Patrick Doolan <frp.sgm@gmail.com>
Sent: Monday, October 9, 2017 10:02 PM
To: Gombos Michael & Philothei; Carver Steve; Doolan Lorraine; SGM Father Anthony; Perkins Catherine; Schenone Ruth; Steger Dr James; Schenone Rachel; Dela Cruz Emilio; Schenone Michael & Shirley; Steinemer Julianna; Borissenko Gene; Carver Lisa; Hanick Mitch; Kennedy James; Alexander Michael & Patricia; Schenone Michael; Ryan David; Hanick Arlene; Zukin Demetri; Volkman Alexander; Akins Robert; Mahany Metropolitan Moses; Taylor Gombos; Kalbasky James; Everiss Daniel; Angela Koregelos; Volkman Paul; SGM Fr Parthenius; Father Moses; Fr Theologos; Burns John; Fr John SGM; Tupman Lee; McAfee Alison *HS; McAfee Amy; Stone Priscilla; BARLOIU CORNELIA

Subject: We are all safe from the fires, Glory to God!
Dear Friends,

Thanking our merciful Lord, we are all fine.

As we turned in to our cells last night, the winds were furious, and there was a bit of smoke in the air. We were up most of the night with keeping an eye out for fires.

As was the case for the fires of last year and the year before, it was difficult to get any real information on what was happening. Two big fires have affected us: The Sulphur Fire (2000 acres, and 0% contained), north of Clearlake, and the Tubbs Fire (25000 acres and 0% contained), in northern Napa and Sonoma Counties. The Sulpher Fire is about 45 minutes by car from the Monastery, while the Tubbs is an hour away.

Mother Justina was evacuated early in the day from her home in Clearlake. She sought refuge at Melanie McAfee’s house in Lower Lake, but then moved on to the greater safety of a shelter in Kelseyville. She is now staying with her old friend, Brenda Stark not far from the monastery. Quite a day for our Mother Justina!

Melanie McAfee, who moved into the Meadowood Nursing Center in Clearlake last Friday was roused and prepared to be evacuated in the wee hours of the morning. The Sulphur Fire seems to not be threatening any more of Clearlake, so they stayed put today, and things seem calm. Melanie is doing well, and seems in good spirits.

Lisa and Steve Carver have been sick, but are safe at home in Hidden Valley. Please pray for their daughter, Anna and their grandchildren, who were evacuated in Santa Rosa early in the morning from the Tubbs Fire.

Here at the monastery, we had an early meeting and did some preparation for evacuation and prevention of fire. We were able to send off Fr. Moses, with [ retired] Bishop Sergios [Black] all packed for Greece, around 10AM to the San Francisco Airport. They avoided the Napa Valley and Sonoma County due to reported road closures. They went out of the county [Lake County]  by passing south of the Sulphur Fire, and had no problems. They were so early for the plane that they were able to visit Dimitri Zukin in Oakland, and have a short nap before heading to the airport. I spoke with his Eminence just before his boarded his plane, and he was fine.

Father Parthenius was in Tuscan for the weekend, at the Sts Peter and Paul Mission. His return flight to Santa Rosa was cancelled, so he got a flight later in the day to San Francisco, and was able to take an airporter bus to Petaluma, where Fr. Moses will be picking him up tonight. He’ll stay in Santa Rosa with Fr. Moses at the “monk hut” tonight, and drive home to the monastery tomorrow morning.

Here at the monastery, things quieted down. Bishop Auxentios [their diocesan bishop, who resides in the Etna, California Monastery of St. Gregory Palamas, in extreme northern California] and other dear friends checked in on us, which was very comforting. We will see what tomorrow brings, but we expect not much more than inconvenience.

I am supposed to be in Santa Rosa tomorrow to fresco the next piece of the Holy Women at the Tomb, but the devastating Tubbs Fire stands between us and Santa Rosa. So we will see. There is a schedule trip to the Santa Rosa Costco, and as we all know, little can stand in the way of a well-needed Costco trip.
PLEASE PRAY for the many, many people for whom this is much more than an inconvenience. There are many people here left homeless, and some who have lost their lives. May God help them all.

That you all for your prayers!
in our Merciful Savior,
Fr. Patrick


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Saint Gregory of Sinai Monastery is an Eastern Orthodox men's community established in ... The Monastery is located in the mountains of Northern California.
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