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AND My reply to Schismatic Mark Kotlaroff

AND My reply to Schismatic Mark Kotlaroff, Choir-director son of Archpriest Gregory Kotlaroff and nephew to Vl. Andronik Kotlaroff-to his question to me: "yes, and?" regarding this 2010 epistle of Bishop Gregory of Sao Paulo & South America

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Dan Everiss

Sat, Oct 7, 2017 at 4:11 PM
Dear Mark Kotlaroff,
You constantly surprise me, as you have once again, by this sort of lame & illogical and non-applicable reply of yours to what I said to you, and to what is contained in this wise 2010 epistle of Bp. Gregory (Petrenko)- whose words in it clearly do apply to you and your schism."If the shoe fits, put it on!" But you are so inter-twined in your own sophistry and convoluted  schismatic self-righteous self-justifications, that you cannot see the full or true picture.
Let me try to be concise:
I ....shared this 2010 epistle of Bp. Gregory (Petrenko) with you, as I also have with many others world wide in both English and Russian, exactly because all that he is preaching in it, applies totally ALSO to you and your fresh anti-ROCA Mt. View Schism, now at this time,... though of course back in 2010, he could not have foreseen your specific  more recently cooked up ill-founded schism.
And how nice to hear that you 'have no ill-will towards Vl. Gregory'....except that you and your Mt. View schismatics, with the aid of your energetic and often traveling Yuri Lukin and others, are busy trying to subvert and steal away from his diocese, as many of his flock in South America as you all might be able to. That is no longer a secret.
And too, you pretend to be THE ROCA, a purer more modern and better replacement ROCA, than our's under Vl. Agafangel, whom you personally detest, and are subverting and stealing our people in North America, Australia, South America...and everywhere.
That makes you and your group the church-criminals, the bad guys.
Yet you seem to want to present yourselves as the innocent wronged victims. How laughable!
You tell me here, some surprising words, from a supposed Orthodox believer, about yourself, "The ROCA that I belong to is a free church"
'Free'..... from what.... or from who?
True Orthodox Christians, who understand our faith, know, that to be Orthodox, we must, all of us, be in obedience to Christ-God firstly, and then to an Orthodox bishop & UNDER obedience to him, as he gets his authority from Christ and His 12 Apostles, as both he and us must be UNDER obedience to the Sacred Orthodox faith- which includes its laws, its sacred canons.
That is not being 'free' [as most schismatics and heretics use it, to mean: FREE FOM THE CONTROL OF THE BISHOPS, as you also, use that term.]
Your use of that worldly secular term makes you a Protestant, not an Orthodox Christian.
Russian Baptists or Pentecostals say such things.
None of us are free to make schisms and to destroy the unity of the faithful, nor to slander and calumniate our lawful bishops.
Further, in the Orthodox Church, any and all episcopal consecrations or priestly ordinations, are not then the personal private property of the recipients of that grace, and so that when or if they depart from obedience to the lawful bishop, i.e. when they rebel against the Orthodox Faith,  they then MAY just put that consecration or ordination in their pockets, and TAKE IT WITH THEM.
Orthodox bishops must be in mutual obedience, and SOBORNOST with each other, and they, as all of the faithful must be in common obedience to THE HOLY ORTHODOX FAITH.
And as our Divine Founder said: "Let him who would be chief among you, let him be the SERVANT of all!"
Hence, when and if, especially ordained clergy,  any choose to rebel and to leave The Church, and create their own new FREE- sects, as you all are doing, then...your renegade bishops LOOSE their former s episcopal prerogatives, and have NO RIGHT to continue to act, as if, they were still valid Orthodox bishops...which also goes for the lower clergy too.
When their [former] fellow bishops,...who co-consecrated them in the beginning, AS DID VL. Agafangel,..whom you all now conveniently vilify and mock,   -depose/defrock them, they are NO LONGER bishops! PERIOD! End of the story!
Mark Kotlaroff, some years ago, you related to me that because of your very heavy and daily burdens on your limited time, of your demanding job, your family's interactions & burdens and your parish/choir commitments for your limited attention & time: that you just had no time to keep up on what was routinely  being reported on the internet, as to what all was happening in our ROCA world-wide, which included information about what our metropolitan was saying or doing, etc.
BUT I HAVE kept up!
That is why, I know that Vl. Agafangel HAS! been reaching out to the various warring anti-MP Russian fragment groups, to try and get any of them to simply come together, even over the proverbial 'cup of tea' and just TALK about healing differences, and working towards unity.
But every time he has put his hand out in friendship, he has gotten his hand, burned.
So to claim that he has not been working towards such unity, [that 'he doesn't care'] is a big slander and a big lie.
However! Vl. Agafangel is a very soundly Orthodox of a bishop, HE KNOWS THE FAITH!, and he will not just recognize as mutually equal, with our ROCA, those who do not possess valid orders or consecrations- i.e. he will not call, Orthodox, those who are not! (plus some of them also hold to various heresies].
For such to join with us, AS EQUALS, most if not all of them, must first, in humility,  be -re-ordained, 'regularized' in their consecrations or ordinations. The canons give the rules and the prayers and procedures  to so do.
But all of them, refuse to accept this canonical prescribed course of action.
Where did you, or anyone get the ridiculous notion, that any and all, anti-MP jurisdiction are, somehow, de facto, valid...i.e. co-equals with us???
and just because they say so?
MARK! wake up!
And too, how do you know which of these self-made hierarchs & their groups are not in reality, fronts for the KGB run MP?
Your Sophrony Musienko shows many signs of most likely being such an agent, as the British expression puts it so well: "A cat thrown amongst the pigeons:"
What prevents such a coming together of many or all of the genuine/or sincere  Russian-fragment groups, is...THEIR pride, i.e. the extreme power hungry pride of their haughty leaders, not Vl. Agafangel or our other ROCA bishops.
Your leaders too: your uncle Vl. Andronik, Sophrony, Andrei Erastroff, and now added to them Stefan Sabelnik.. are clearly operating in all that they are doing, because of prelest and extreme self-adulating pride. What sort of 'unity' can that produce??? The devil is the father of pride, and pride is the father of ALL SINS.
Mark! I truly feel sorry for you and those with you in your ignorant & absurd and unjustified schism, YOU JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT OR DOING!
And why should I or many others, not feel anger and resentment towards you, since you are wrecking our ROCA, a church which I have been a part of for many long years of my life....and indeed, as I am now in the end period of my 74 years.. my own personal Golgotha of old decrepit aging and falling apart physically.
But yes, I shall share this conversation. However, I am sorry to disappoint you, but it really does not make your position seem very intelligent, Orthodox, or logical.
Daniel in Oregon, once a fellow Orthodox brother with you, and who is appealing to you for you to  repent of your terrible church wrecking work, and for you to return to our non-'free' ROCA,.... to be a 'bondsman with Christ' , and under the yoke of the Gospel.

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Subject: Re: My reply to Schismatic Mark Kotlaroff, Choir-director son of Archpriest Gregory Kotlaroff and nephew to Vl. Andronik Kotlaroff-to his question to me: "yes, and?" regarding this 2010 epistle of Bishop Gregory of Sao Paulo & South America
Dear Dan,

I am sorry that you feel this way and that you cast my one phrase in such negative light.  

My real question was, why is this epistle by Bishop Gregory from 2010 being put on internet sobor in 2017?

I have no ill will towards Bishop Gregory, which some may take away from your email.

The ROCA that I belong to is a free Church.  One of its purposes is to establish Communion with the number of ROCA synods that have emerged during the years leading up to the union in 2007.  Your first hierarch did say that we must gather the various parts of the once united ROCA.  One must pay attention not just to the words, but more importantly to the actions.

I don't anticipate you will be sending my reply to your group.

Wishing you the best,

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Subject: My reply to Schismatic Mark Kotlaroff, Choir-director son of Archpriest Gregory Kotlaroff and nephew to Vl. Andronik Kotlaroff-to his question to me: "yes, and?" regarding this 2010 epistle of Bishop Gregory of Sao Paulo & South America

AND, you sir, Tolstoy Farm/St. Sergius Church, Mark Kotlaroff,

 choir-director son of Archpriest Gregory Kotlaroff and nephew of Vl. Andronik Kotlaroff,  and all of your fellow miss guided church wreckers, in your pathetic and unjustified  Mt. View Schism, which has made a total shambles of our former small North American ROCA,  are exactly in the group which Bishop Gregory here criticizes....which he has tried to talk sense to, back in 2010, to bring them to their senses.
However, in  fact since the date of this epistle,  you and your fellow rebels  have become far worse than those simply confused but largely innocent souls whom he spoke to,  back in 2010.
SHAME! on you all!
And basically because you Mark Kotlaroff, PERSONALLY hate our lawful Metropolitan Agafangel, and because you desire to found and run your own private new religion- based it appears, on your total and exclusive control of money and power, free of any lawful episcopal oversight.
The very title, [episcopos/bishop in English,  means, the... Over-seer"...the man appointed by Christ and consecrated/SET APART,  by His Church, to rule and run the life of the earthly church.
The Orthodox Church life has never been run by the votes of the laity or lower clergy. It is a theocracy, not a democracy.
SUCH THINGS NO ONE CAN DO, what your schism has done, ....and....then.... still call themselves, "ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS!"
To be Orthodox, one must respect, honor, and obey  ones' lawful Bishop..., a successor to the 12 Apostles who got their authority directly from Christ Himself, [do you remember him?-Vl. Agafangel,  the bishop who consecrated your uncle, and made him a fellow bishop, in mutual SOBORNOST, etc.] END OF STORY!
Further, do you actually imagine that you.... may.... do such outrageous things to/or with  the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Orthodox Faith, simply because you are Russian by blood?-that such is your born-RIGHT?,  i.e. that you may do with 'your' ancestral religion, WHATEVER  YOU WANT???
You thus spit on all the Russian saints and martyrs, and indeed on all the universal Orthodox saints and martyrs of all lands and all tribes and all tongues.
And may God stop and  severely punish you, until you repent,  for what you are doing, which is nothing else than you rebels AIDING THE ENEMY, THE STILL COMMUNIST CAPTIVE Moscow Patriarchate, Stalin-founded organization, they who in fact serve antichrist and Satan.
Your poor blind and misguided laity, you are sending to Hell.
Nothing you do or say, is pious or Orthodox or legal by Sacred Orthodox Canons or Holy Tradition!
So what will be the glorious end product of your vicious and very very ignorant  rebellion?
Your group is merely creating one more strange though colorful and exotic, American-based  cult, basically Protestant in its center & in its governance,  but Russian-Orthodox-ish in its rituals and external forms....which is what the MP is also all about-i.e. an institution pretending to be, The Russian Orthodox Church and religion.
Rather, what you need to do is to repent, HEAL THIS Godless SCHISM,  and fall to your knees in front of Vladyka Agafangel, you only rightful Orthodox Bishop, and humbly accept whatever penance he gives you.
Further: Since it seems to any observer of your shenanigans, that the  central & main complaint that you all initially made against Metropolitan Agafangel, [both behind his back and semi-in front of his face] was that your Kotlaroff-family  lead group, in essence, wanted more local autonomy/hands-on control  in the routine running of this North American ROCA diocese, its administration-including to appoint or move priests around, AT YOUR WHIM,   and with its monies and properties, etc. its MATERIAL assets, ....and since the metropolitan  was endeavoring to GIVE YOU SUCH autonomy...as much as was or is possible within Orthodox church canons or order,-though you all still had to be in ultimate SOBORNOST obedience to our Synod of Bishops,  but then your unbalanced uncle, Vl. Andronik suddenly and unexpectedly backed out, AFTER he had agreed to make peace with the Metropolitan....and indeed had SIGNED his name to the agreement.....
How shameful and despicable! -At that point, I and many others totally lost all trust and respect for him....and those with him.
That was when a number of our clergy and parishes ran to the GOC for refuge. YOUR group caused that defection.
I highly suspect that you Sir, were directly and personally instrumental in misguiding your weak-willed and confused uncle. Is that not so?
Truly, Sir, it is as if you and your entire schismatic rabble, its leadership, either never learned FROM YOUR BIRTH, basic Patristic/Catechism/Zakon Boshie  Orthodoxy at all, -specifically that to be fully and truly Orthodox, we must honor and respect and OBEY our lawful BISHOP!...unless that bishop apostasies from Orthodoxy, [as what is the reality of the ROCOR/MP].... WHICH Vl. Agafangel has never done!,.....but as those bishops and clergy did in 2007 the Laurus Shkurla lead schismatics did do,  and/or you have consciously rejected it, or that are indeed but witting or unwitting tools of Putin and his MP. Which is it?
To me, you are no better than the 2007 Judas sell-outs to the MP, but you are just a further/later contingent...more division and destruction of the anti-communist Russian diaspora.
And by the way, yes, I have forced myself to read all of your pathetic cooked-up & contrived twisting's of your mostly miss-applied canons and various sundry quotes from various saints, [which historic quotes have zero to do with your criticism or imagined, 'crimes of the metropolitan'], and your making up of false & very exaggerated  calumnies and malicious slanders against the person of the Metropolitan,.... as too I have read all of the CRAP from those Ishevsk pro-Putin and pro-MP traitors in Russia, WHO LEFT US, and I am amazed that you think that all of us, whether we have Russian or any other 'blood' in our veins,  who have read that baloney, actually believe it..
DO YOU NOT, IN FACT, fully support blood-thirsty dictator Vladimir Putin? 
Repent and ask forgiveness of our church, before you die!
Most sincerely,
Reader Daniel Everiss in Oregon, happy that I live so far from you,
but who is now so deeply disappointed in you!...as I once was under the delusion that you and I belonged to the same church, the same jurisdiction,
and that we were, IN THE LOVE OF CHRIST,  part of a cooperative  team effort....and that we were fellow Orthodox Christians.
I very! sadly now see, that I never knew you at all.
How and why have you changed, Mark?
You seemed back then to be such a bright promising light in our North American ROCA, such a deeply religious and dedicated church worker.
Now, look what you have become, just another church-dissembler/destroyer,  which the Apostle Paul warns all believers  to flee from,
to wall ourselves off from.
God is all truth, and He could never, ever, bless liars.
And spreading character assassination and slander and calumnies against any others, but most especially against a righteous bishop, is the same as the sin of murder, which is a direct ticket to the fires of Hell.
Making schism- rending the seamless garment of Christ, His Body,  is in itself, the same as re-crucifying Christ on His cross.
Every new untrue and malicious attack you and your fellows make against Metropolitan Agafangel and our ROCA Synod,  is the same as you all pounding more nails in Our Saviour's hands and feet.
By vilifying others, those innocent of your accusations, you pollute and disgrace and vilify yourselves, in front of ....God.
You may fool many people, but HIM you can never fool.

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Subject: Re: Russian/English: Important to re-read now: 2010 Anti-MP & Informational Epistle from loyal ROCOR Bishop Gregory (Petrenko) of Sao Paulo Brazil and All South America
yes, and?

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Subject: Russian/English: Important to re-read now: 2010 Anti-MP & Informational Epistle from loyal ROCOR Bishop Gregory (Petrenko) of Sao Paulo Brazil and All South America

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