Monday, March 25, 2013

Vladyka Agafangel has trouble in Moscow

The First Hierarch's visit to the ROCA New Martyrs parish in Moscow and the sudden appearance of the local police

21 MAR 13 - As Metropolitan Agafangel was visiting the building where the ROCA New Martyrs and Confessors parish in Moscow is located, the local police suddenly appeared.

The policeman explained that he was responding to an anonymous call received by the police and that the caller had said "suspicious people" were on the premises.  The incident had no effect on the First Hierarch's visit, which continued without any further problems.

Metropolitan Agafangel viewed the church and prayed in the altar.  A parish meeting was then held in the dining room, at which the First Hierarch wished them, "to apply Christian generosity in enduring the falsehoods and insults that have taken place lately."

After the meeting, Metropolitan Agafangel left to attend a meeting of the diocesan council of the Moscow diocese.

The ROCA New Martyrs and Confessors parish in Moscow is led by Fr. Valeriy Leonichev and services are held in a house church in the village of Dubki near Moscow.


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