Monday, March 18, 2013

ecumenist dribble

From:  monomakos

Are this man's confused/ignorant opinions the mainstream mindset for OCA members and for most World-ly?, so-called, 'Orthodox'?

It seems so.

In what possible stretch, can these bizarre views be construed as anything closely even approaching genuine Orthodox Christian patristic or canonical stances?

Obviously these misguided modernist ecumenists have constructed their own novel & totally heretical and impious definitions of Orthodoxy, and its relations with those outside our church.

Reading this ecumenist dribble, it is hard to find anything remotely  Orthodox in these observations.  

Perhaps, all Orthodox churches should attend the new Pope's enthronement, and kiss Pope Frasncis's  big right foot's toe? as a sign of obedience to 'Christ's  Vicar'?

The Colloquium and Pope Francis

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  1. And he links to and recommends a Jacobse article from the AOI. Jacobse and his AOI are the modern-day counterpart of the Parisian school. This is a neo-Orthodoxy that is a creation of human logic, i.e., renovationism [same disease as super-correct which is also created by logic].

    This is a schmemannism. This is the new orthodoxy that supplant the true Orthodoxy, it is an evil religion. In America you can't see any internal differences between these "orthodox" and any Protestant, because there are none.

    Here is the chapter on Renovationism from NOTW:


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