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Two horrifying RC articles

Two rather horrifying articles

What is going on in the RC church, that church which the 'Orthodox-Ecumenists' want us all to join

 This is being shared by Archimandrite Alexius in the UK,
and gives sickening proof of what is the full reality and direction of Ecumenism,
in this case, of how Rome is abandoning the pure Gospel and turning to
a 'strange Gospel': 

> Subject: Two rather horrifying articles
> Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2013 
> These were sent me by a ROCA-MP priest.  They are written from an R.C. point of view of course, and in rather sensationalist terms (though that might be the fault of the translation, presumably from Ukrainian) but the documentary and photographic evidence they produce is distressing enough:-
Archimandrite Alexius

Holy father Francis
Città del Vaticano
An Appeal to the Head of the Vatican

Holy father Francis,
whether You like it or not, You face the fact that owing to the gesture in Assisi and beatification of John Paul II the Catholic Church changed her doctrine and received a gospel different from that preached by St. Paul or the other Apostles. This new doctrine promotes syncretism with pagan religions. Apart from some other public denials of the Gospel, John Paul II allowed the crosses in the Assisi churches to be removed and a statue of Buddha to be placed on the tabernacle and worshipped as God! It is flagrant apostasy! His apostatical thinking was followed by all Catholic bishops, priests and theologians who introduced a new teaching among the Catholic faithful holding that it is not necessary to preach Jesus Christ as the only God and Saviour. They started to teach that one does not need to receive and believe in Jesus to be saved because according to this new gospel all are saved in their own religion if their belief is sincere. However, this is contrary to the teaching of Jesus Christ, rejection of His redemptive death on the cross and dishonour on millions of martyrs.
You have lost an understanding of the way of salvation. You have rejected the enduring truth of the Gospel that man is justified and saved through the saving faith in Jesus Christ which unites us to Him. This communion with Jesus is conditioned by adherence to His unalterable doctrine and commandments through constant repentance. In contrast to that, You have fabricated another gospel and another Jesus, something in the style of the Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad or various gurus. You have come up with new theological theories, teaching that sin practically does not exist, that hell will be empty and that there is no need at all to attain salvation because man is not born in a state of damnation. According to this theory, one only needs to be “good”, a member of Your Catholic organization and so on. Under the circumstances, Chairman of the German Bishops’ Conference, Archbishop Zollitsch, could freely and with impunity declare on Great Saturday that “Jesus did not die for our sins but only out of solidarity with the poor”. This is the supreme heresy which destroys the salvation of millions. But You were all silent!
What paved the way for such blasphemous thought in the Catholic Church was the historical-critical theology (HCT) which, whether You accept it or not, in essence denies the Divinity of Jesus Christ, His real and historical resurrection and almost all the miracles and supernatural acts in the Holy Scripture. Your apostate cardinals and theologians put the Bible on an equal footing with all the other so-called sacred books of pagan religions. But God’s Word says that the gods of pagans are demons and there is no agreement between Christ and Belial (2Cor 6:15). John Paul II kissed the Koran and said that Muslims have the same God. However, the Koran denies the Divinity of Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity. God’s Word says: “Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father either.” Jesus said to the Hebrews: “If you do not believe that I am He, you will die in your sins.”
On 1 May 2011, at the hour of so-called beatification of John Paul II when the Catholic Church de facto confirmed officially – «ex cathedra» – a new heretical teaching with the spirit of New Age, the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate and the Ukrainian orthodox Greek Catholic Church separated from the Vatican and in accordance with Galatians 1:8-9 declared God’s anathema on Benedict XVI and John Paul II – i.e. excommunication which they had automatically fallen under by their denial of the very essence of the Gospel. The Church is built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets (Eph 2:20). So we partly exercise this prophetic ministry and the prophetic voice of the Church.
The fruit of the curse could be seen even before the declaration of anathema. Christian Europe accepted the anti-Decalogue of the Lisbon Treaty, including the promotion of homosexuality, and this moral devastation was embraced by USA as a priority of their foreign policy. Gender ideology destroys all moral, spiritual and Christian values. Child kidnapping by the juvenile justice system and demoralization and demonization of the kidnapped children is the fruit of this curse too.
Church hierarchy, including You, is to blame for total apostasy, which is described by St. Paul in 2Thes 2:3. Jesus foretold it when He said: “When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” Let us remind of the words of Jesus about the abomination of desolation in the holy place (Mt 24:15) connected with Daniel’s prophecy (Dan 9:26-27; Dan 11:31). He speaks about the removal of the daily sacrifice. It certainly can not be related, as Catholic hierarchy would probably like to relate it, to destruction of the Old Testament temple during the rein of Emperor Vespasian in 70 A.D.
From the moment of death of Jesus Christ on the cross the Old Testament offering was removed by God and the Jewish temple was no longer a holy place, but rather “the synagogue of Satan” (Rev 2:9). It was the Body of Christ – the Church – which became the true temple. When Jesus spoke of the abomination of desolation in the holy place, He spoke about the spirit of antichrist. You, cardinals and bishops, have let it inside or rather introduced it into the Church, driving away from her the Holy Spirit. And when Jesus speaks about the removal of the perpetual sacrifice, He speaks about God removing the Eucharist from You because of Your apostasy.
Jesus Christ is the vine and we are the branches. Without Him we can do nothing. If any of the priests or bishops is a moral sinner but professes the same faith as was proclaimed by the Apostles, then even though he is a dead branch, he administers the sacraments validly (ex opere operato). However, in case somebody received another gospel and denied the essence of Christianity by his gesture or unity of “faith” with the apostate, the one is not only a dead member of the Body of Christ but is also cut off by God from the vine – Jesus Christ. His gift of the priesthood does not operate owing to his apostasy. St. Basil the Great as well as the whole Eastern Church has it that an apostate administers the sacraments invalidly. St. Basil did not recognize the “sacraments” of Arians because they did not believe in Jesus as the true God. The Arian-like view of Jesus is found with the adherents of the historical-critical theology and of the spirit of Assisi. Unfortunately, this spirit lives in Your heart and in the hearts of the Catholic hierarchs who have received the spirit that is behind so-called beatification of John Paul II.
Holy father Francis, You have come to the Vatican which contrary to God’s Word became the first country in the world globally chipped with the number of the apocalyptic beast – 666. We expect that Your first step will be that You will cancel the chipping of Vatican officials. Otherwise the Vatican chipping becomes a precedent for all the nations of the world.
Certainly You can feel Yourself that this is no time for celebrations but for true repentance. Your predecessor, for whom You prayed sincerely, retired as a defendant for crimes against humanity. He just covered them up but thus de facto approved of them. He wanted to keep the image of the official structure. We believe that You are aware that this whole sad legacy has passed on You.
What is treated as Your modesty – the fact that You lived in a private flat and not in the building of Your residence – arouses suspicion rather than admiration.
Argentina became the first state in South America which legalized same-sex marriages and adoption of children by homosexuals. Since You, as the Primate of Argentina, failed to guide the priests into true conversion and repentance consisting in renouncing the heresies of liberal theology, You are also responsible for the homosexual epidemic in Argentina. You evaded attendance at large demonstrations against homosexuality and preferred to stay in hiding. The public judged it as a grave faux pas. You just had a futile speech read out. It is a psychological manoeuvre of the mass media that they keep presenting You as a respected homophobe. Surely they are aware that they will thus help You win an excellent reputation among the Catholic public.
Your statement that “we must respect homosexuals” reveals Your true attitude. To respect aggressive homosexuality means to create conditions for a homodictatorship. Then it only remains for us, following Your example, to kiss the feet of not only a few infected homosexuals but of the whole young generation dying of AIDS.
For the love of God and the salvation of souls, we call and beseech You to make a public act of renouncing the contemporary heresies: the spirit of Assisi and the apostatical thought (HCT), and thus to eliminate the abomination of desolation in the Church. It is also necessary to annul the invalid beatification of John Paul II. Unless You do so, You will not be able to shepherd the Catholic Church in the spirit of repentance and conversion. You will remain an apostate elected by apostates. The official hierarchical structure of the Catholic Church will not be the Church of Christ but a harlot of antichrist. But then it will be better for You to do the same as Benedict XVI in good time.
+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate
+ Methodius OSBMr            + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

His Holiness
Benedict XVI
Città del Vaticano
The spirit of Assisi
Your Holiness,
we send You a series of documentary photographs and statements witnessing to the so-called mission of John Paul II, which opened the Church to the spirit of paganism, the spirit of New Age and the spirit of apostasy. For this great offence and crime against the Church this Pope should be posthumously excommunicated and not beatified. Openness to apostasy through paganism began with the Nostra aetate declaration of the Second Vatican Council (1965). All propagators of a “new gospel”, especially within the Church, constantly appeal to this declaration.
Let us put an essential question: DID THE SECOND VATICAN COUNCIL OPEN THE DOOR TO SYNCRETISM WITH PAGANISM THROUGH THIS DECLARATION? THE FRUIT GIVES THE ANSWER: YES, IT DID. In such case the whole Council is false in that it stood against the two-thousand-year-old Tradition of the Catholic Church and against the essence of the Holy Scripture. If we want to save the Christian doctrine of the infallibility of the Council, it must be authoritatively proved and declared that this declaration was misused through inaccurate formulations. Unfortunately, Pope John Paul II confirmed the misinterpretation of the Nostra aetate declaration by his deeds. The culmination was the apostatical gesture in Assisi in the years 1986 and 2002. That it was no isolated error is also confirmed by the gestures which preceded and followed ‘the Assisi event’ and thus brought the whole Church to confusion. This apostatical spirit has spread throughout the world and has not spared even the monasteries. Instead of witnessing to Jesus, the only Saviour, and saving the souls from eternal perdition through conversion and repentance there has been an opposite path marked out – a path of apostasy! The fruit of this apostasy within the Church is the spread of demoralization through homosexuality and paedophilia, which has affected even the key positions. This spirit of apostasy has caused desecration of the whole Church. This is not a question of isolated cases but of a whole stream which nowadays is no longer tolerated only but even preferred. And that is a tragedy. Who is most responsible for it is Pope John Paul II. The adherents of syncretism along with liberal theologians are exerting extremely great pressures in order to achieve canonization of John Paul II as soon as possible at any cost! What aim are they pursuing? HIS CANONIZATION WILL IN ESSENCE BE CONFIRMATION OF AN APOSTATICAL LINE which he introduced in the Church through his bad example. This beatification and canonization will be a gesture which will deny the very essence of the Church and no longer allow true biblical repentance. And that is a crime because this path ends in hell.
Throughout the history of the Old-Testament Church God punished the chosen people for spiritual adultery, i.e. syncretism with other religions. This is the principal line of the whole Holy Scripture, because it concerns the essence of the faith. Man either opens his heart to true God or worships creatures and demons. The same critical attitude towards idolatry is in the New Testament too. This basic necessity of a true relationship to God has also been emphasized by the whole Christian tradition for 2000 years.
The present-day Church is to blame most for moral decay of Europe, America as well as of other nations. The responsibility for the laws of homo-sexuality in the European Union falls on the apostatical Catholic hierarchy. Therefore at the present time God demands from us the most elementary thing: repentance. The Church must turn away from false reverence for idolatry and from the spirit of unbelief connected with so-called historical-critical theology. The Church nowadays is obliged to repent, that means to concentrate all her efforts on the essence – conversion and the following of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Your Holiness, in case You let Yourself be manipulated by the great pressure which is being brought to bear upon You and unless You cancel the planned beatification, the punishment of God’s excommunication will fall upon You too for unity with another gospel (cf. Gal 1:8-9). Thus, publicly before the whole Church, You will separate from Christ, excommunicate Yourself from the Church and fall under God’s curse. Supposing You died in this state of impenitence, You would be eternally condemned. Realize that You are 83 years old, and the Church is looking at You with great hope that You will start that which is most important – the internal renewal of the Catholic Church. The first step to this must be cancellation of the planned beatification and on the other hand, public repentance for the gesture of Assisi as well as for all offence caused by John Paul II. This is what God, and also the bleeding Church, demand of You today.
Documentary part and the final letter to follow.

I. Preparation for Assisi
John Paul II embracing the Dalai Lama
On 3rd May 1984, John Paul II said: “Your ances-tors embraced such overwhelming spiritual worlds as Confucianism and Buddhism. They enhanced them, lived them and even transmitted them to others.”
Jesus commanded: “Preach the Gospel to all na-tions...” (Mk 16:15; Mt 28:19) “He who believes will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned.” (Mk 16:16) By his gesture of friend-ship with the Dalai Lama the Pope set a bad example not only to hierarchs but also to politicians of the so-called Christian nations. As a result, now-adays the Dalai Lama enjoys the greatest popularity throughout the world, which, however, causes grave harm to Christianity! The Dalai Lama considers himself an incar-nation of a deity (demon). We ask what har-mony of spiritual worlds there is between Christ and Belial (cf. 2Cor 6:15). The Dalai Lama propagates the spirit of New Age – false unity of all religions. If any Christian apologist will now defend the true faith, he will be punished by the hierarchy for going against the line of John Paul II.
On 6th May 1984, the Pope said: “May I address a particular greeting to the members of the Buddhist tradition as they prepare to celebrate the fes-tivity of the Coming of the Lord Buddha? May your rejoicing be complete and your joy fulfilled.” (L’Osservatore Romano, 14th May 1984, pg. 7)
The way of Buddha is idolatry and the Pope supports it – this is a crime!
John Paul II in the Buddhist temple
John Paul II went into the temple and bowed to the Buddhist Patriarch.
In his second Asian journey in 1984, John Paul II visited the Buddhist Temple. Be-fore reaching the Temple, he expressed how anxious he was to meet “His Holi-ness, the supreme Buddhist Patriarch in the Temple”. The Holy Scripture says that “what pagans sacrifice they offer to demons and not to God”! (1Cor 10:20) What was the sense of the Pope’s visit to a place where one consciously worships demons? Paying respect to idolaters dishonours Christ and offends the little ones. The Council of Elvira, A.D. 305, decreed that “those who in adult age after receiving Baptism shall go into the pagan temples to worship idols (i.e. respect for pagan religions), which is a deadly crime and the height of wickedness, shall not be admitted to communion even at death.
Unfortunately, John Paul II’s attitude towards paganism and pagans is dia-metrically different from the attitude of the Holy Scripture and of the whole Christian tradition. Who is mistaken? Whom are we to obey and follow? The Pope betrayed Christ and the Gospel! He says that non-Christian religions are other ways which also lead to salvation, to one god and one father! To state that pagan religions are ways to salvation is a heresy. The Church teaches that even a pagan who seeks the truth sincerely can be saved. This, however, is completely different from the statement that the pagan religious system leads to salvation. On the contrary, this system is an obstacle to sal-vation because it kills God’s voice – conscience – in the pagan. This happens through Oriental meditations and mantras (the invoking of demons).
On 8th August 1985, John Paul II prayed with African Animists (witch doctors). John Paul II re-called the meeting: “Particularly noteworthy was the prayer meeting at the sanctuary of Our Lady of Mercy at Lake Togo where, for the first time, I also prayed with a group of Animists.” (L’Osservatore Romano, 26th August 1985, pg. 9)
(While in Togo he paid homage to the sacred snakes.)
If we should follow the Pope, we shall end up in hell along with the witch doctors: “Those who practise witchcraft and idol worshippers – their doom is in the lake that burns with fire and sulphur.” (Rev 21:8)
John Paul II receives the mark of the god Shiva
On 2nd February 1986 (the feast of the Presentation of the Lord), the Pope received on his forehead a sign of apostasy – the mark of the Hindu god Shiva – from a pagan priestess (sacral prostitute). This is public apostasy and offence given to all Christians. The soul of a Christian is a temple of the living God. Through pagan rituals, however, it becomes a dwelling place of demons and their property. The Apostle Peter, the first Pope, said: “There is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12) It is obvious that the first Pope admits no alter-native ways of salvation. That is not only his personal opinion but it is the attitude of the Holy Scripture and of the whole Tradition of the Apostles, Church Fathers and saints. So no one can be saved through the faith in the god Shiva or Rama. “What pagans sacrifice they offer to demons and not to God.” (1Cor 10:20) Through this public gesture John Paul II fell away from the true faith, denied the whole Scripture and the whole Church Tradition and opened the door for demons to enter the Church. He discredited all mission and mission-aries as well as the essence of whole Christianity. He thus let himself be de-dicated to Satan. Having committed this act as Head of the Catholic Church, HE ALLOWED DEMONS TO HOLD SWAY OVER THE WHOLE CATHOLIC CHURCH. It is a flagrant crime. And now he is to be beatified and canonized for this?
A priestess of the god Shiva (temple prostitute) places a magic wreath round the Pope’s neck.
By this gesture the Pope voluntarily subjects himself to the rule of demons. This is no indifferent thing, for one opens up to demons through a ritual.
The Pope wearing a magic wreath, surrounded by pagan priestesses, serves idols. 
He caused offence to all Christians.
1986, India: John Paul II venerated Gandhi

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