Saturday, August 18, 2012

Honeymoon is over

FW:Sharing: "HAPPY GRAM Honeymoon is over" 
(American political humour – Obama is now the object of jokes!) –

Note: The very popular TV comedians here mentioned, are all prominent American late-night  TV show hosts, watched and respected and listened to by millions of Americans, every night, all of whom, not long ago, used to strongly defend President Barrack Hussein Obama, and cover up his multitudes of mistakes/flaws/lies.

Now, they have turned on him, as have many Americans who once voted for him. So now, many in this country are crying out: "But the emperor has no clothes!"


Shared with me by a retired Orthodox priest: a fellow loyal American, and one who also doesn't want an America hating, Marxist, pro-Islamic president to rule over us.

In this November election we all need to VOTE THIS RASCAL OUT!...him and his Leftist
Democrat party!

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