Sunday, August 26, 2012

OCA Snubbed at Ft. Ross Celebration

FW: SECOND Informational Sharing: (From 'Monomakhos'): "OCA Snubbed at Ft. Ross Celebration?"

 Category: What is the KGB run MP up to now!? Is it deliberately trying to..insult and 
degrade the OCA, in favour of ROCOR/MP?...or what

Read both this article, and as many comments as you can.

Clearly, from what all I have read of this 200th. year, grand celebration, (mainly from SF ROCOR/MP 'Archb'. Kyrill-Dmitrieff's web) of  ROCOR/MP and the  MP's, .... of the original founding of Russian, Ft. Ross, California, (on the northern Californian coast), on tomorrow, August 25, 2012, the OCA is not being given any prominent a schedualed  con-celebratory position, though according to that 1970 'Autocephaly' granted it by the MP, it is THE primary/if not SOLE, canonical local-church, for all of North America (!)...or so it says in that 1970 Tomos of Autocephaly.

Fort Ross, was originally and still is, in North America!... and the legal property of the State of California, a 'historical monument'. No Orthodox jurisdiction has any 'rights' there, ( as does neither the Russian Federation government) unless the State of California allows them to enter it's premises and use it, such as for periodic religious services, etc. 

The flag of old Czarist-Russia, flies over the fort, every day, raised up by the Park Ranger, a State employee.

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