Friday, August 31, 2012

Letter From OCA Bp. Matthias

On-going turmoil inside of the OCA: "Letter to Clergy & Faithful, From Chicago Bp. Matthias"

Date: Friday, August 31, 2012
Dear Clergy and Faithful of the Diocese of the Midwest,
Christ is in our midst!
It is with regret that I inform you that a formal complaint was made against me last Friday, August 24, 2012. The allegations are that I made unwelcome written and spoken comments to a young woman that she regarded as an inappropriate crossing of personal boundaries and an abuse of my pastoral authority. I deny these allegations and I plan to respond in due course. 
According to the OCA's policies, I am on paid administrative leave until the investigation is completed. Fr. John Zdinak, the Chancellor of the Diocese, will be the temporary administrator in my absence.
Please pray for all of us who are involved in this matter.
Your Shepherd in Christ,
Bishop of Chicago and the Midwest

Were Is the OCA going?...will Moscow 'save it', from itself?...or who?

"PUT not your trust in man, for vain is the help of man!"

Category: Another update on the on-going internal MESS that the American OCA, dependent spiritually on the Moscow MP, as it's 'Patriarchate', has seemed to have become:

See: .......August 31, 2012  12:15 AM

"Statement from His Grace Bp. Mathias, to the Clergy and Faithful of the Midwestern Diocese" (OCA)-

*Regarding why he has just been 'disciplined' ( or in fact, suspended, from his episcopal duties, while being  officially/formally investigated for these new charges of sexual impropriety) by the OCA central administration.

Comment: Currently, on many levels, the OCA is in dire internal flux, from top to bottom, basically, suffering from a lack of trust and confidence, and is perhaps, in a self-destruct mode. Truly, it does seem so, mainly to members of it.

We hear of numerous reports of average local laity, seeking... 'other jurisdictions',  to flee to.

Unfortunately, with the overall general OCA Russian-church  historical ignorance/American typical-naiveté, of both many of their clergy and laity, of what is the true HISTORICAL nature and real purpose, of the still KGB/FSB Putin run, Joseph Stalin founded in 1943, still to this very day enslaved totally uncanonical/Sergianist... 'Moscow Patriarchy', ...a bogus 'church' organization, many such unhappy American OCA people, honestly struggling to BE ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS, are openly saying that they wish to ...join ROCOR/MP....or... MP parishes!. seeing such entities, as  more solidly Orthodox/SAFER spiritually, than their crumbling 'autocephalous' OCA.

***How many poor American OCA members actually still believe the original major communist lie, that the Stalin-appointed "Pat. Sergius Stragorodsky, 'SAVED THE CHURCH'" !!!.. and thus, his KGB agent, successors, are real Russian patriarchs!

Others are searching for local Antiochean or EP-Greek or other Ethnic Orthodox parishes, anything BUT the OCA!

Many inside the OCA are openly wondering, if they can ever... find or have, decent, sane, moral, STABLE Orthodox... bishops, truly holy men that they can trust, & fully respect,  and follow. 

And in all this mess, MOTHER-CHURCH, MOSCOW...has it's arms ever open to receive, en masse, the disgruntled American OCA refugees (fleeing ....from their own, MP-granted,  1970 granted 'autocephaly'?)

Rd. Daniel Everiss...
loyal to our ROCA under our honorable and trustworthy Metropolitan Agafangel (Pashkovsky) who heads our Synod which is, the true continuation of the old/free Russian Church Abroad, which was and now still is, the lawful/canonical, genuine continuation of the Exile Russian Church, blessed to exist by Holy Confessor, St.  Patriarch Tikhon –the last real Russian Patriarch! of the pre-Bolshevik church in Russia.
Not any of the: OCA, nor the ROCOR/MP nor the MP itself, fits this qualification or legitimacy.

*For a taste of this internal OCA dissention and confusion, read some of this OCA dissenter's blog, (generally, the OCA member, blog owner ....George Michalopoulos,.. is a  pro-Jonah-Paffhausen, loyalist, and himself critical of his own OCA administration), read... especially the many comments from OCA folks, both clergyand laity,  under the main articles:

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