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"Smiles on every face!"

FW: SHARING: Glowing/Happy MP & ROCOR/MP & OCA-hierarchs, (i.e., including, 'resigned'?, Met. Jonah)

Category: What our former old-ROCOR, now in slavishly in union with the MP, bishops, priests, and brothers and sisters are up to:
These accounts, dealing with Fort Ross celebrations and the SF diocese of ROCOR/MP.

One can be also assured, that at all of these 'Russian' celebrations, as is always the case in San Francisco activities of the 'Russian Colony' there, that representatives of the Putin-Russian Federation Government, were in doubt, 'praying and crossing themselves and lighting candles'.

Afterall, in their twisted KGB/FSB mind, all "Russians" in the entire world, BELONG body & soul, to the Putin regime and it's MP-'church'!

Below here, is the ecstatic report from an OCA priest, of the recent 200 Year Founding Celebration at Ft. Ross, California, by a collage of ROCOR/MP hierarchs, OCA-'resigned' Met. Jonah, and a collection of visiting/'guest'  MP hierarchs and other clergy ... all one big happy family!,  


... and all of them there, subservient to the KGB run, pseudo-'Russian Church' named 'The Moscow Patriarchia' founded in 1943 by Comrade Uncle Joseph Stalin!

1) photo of Met. Hilarion-Kapral next to OCA Met. Jonah, as the two chief & main celebrants, in the San Francisco ROCOR/MP Cathedral, for Dormition: ....which church was built by St. John Maximovitch, and their 'celebrations' in the presence of his relics!  (other MP hierarchs are also in the church, or serving at other ROCOR/MP altars in the SF area).

2) "Feast of the Dormition @ SF (ROCOR/MP) Cathedral of Holy Virgin Mary"        read- the entire descriptions......on Archb. Kyrill'-Dmitrieff's diocesan web..  And, one can choose either the Russian version or the English version-as this is a VERY slick web site.

3) From: "Archpriest Basil Rhodes"
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Fort Ross was a wonderful, and inspiring love feast.

I also served Dormition Vigil last evening at the Cathedral "Mother of God, Joy of All Who Sorrow"
(ROCOR) with Metropolitans Jonah and Hilarion, Archbishops Benjamin, Kyrill, Justinian,
& Bishop Feodosiy. Two OCA deacons served, along with ROCOR deacons. All of
our clergy served together. There were smiles and genuine friendliness everywhere.
If the goal of the divine services is to be united with and in Christ...there it was!


On Aug 28, 2012, at 9:09 AM, John Beal wrote:

*.... For more than a century America had no other Orthodox Church save the
Russian Orthodox, or as it was then known, the Russian Greek-Catholic

Great missionaries of the Russian land, such as St. Innocent (Veniaminov)
and St. Tikhon, the future Patriarch of All Russia, strove here for a
unified national church. And in this missionary work, they were motivated
by one desire alone: to bring the light of Christian faith to as many
people as possible, regardless of ethnicity or mother tongue. Today the
Orthodox Church in America, though divided into multiple jurisdictions,
keeps the heritage of Russian missionaries and remembers them as pillars
and founders of Orthodoxy in this land.

*Interesting words by Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev) at Fort Ross.
Interesting because good, but also because 'Orthodox Church in America' is used ambiguously.  It could mean the autocephalous Orthodox Church in America - but in church life the word autocephalous has often been used in such statements, especially by the Russian Church - or it could mean simply the generality of the Orthodox Church in America, that is the sum of all Orthodox in America, which would be perhaps the correct reading in light of the subsequent use of the term 'jurisdictions' and the statement earlier in the paragraph that *over a million people profess the Orthodox faith* in America.

The significance of this celebration, and related local celebrations over
the weekend, and the phrasing of this statement may bear some deep thinking.

Indeed, I was already thinking, ruminating, worrying about what the
subtle language of liturgy would convey at Ft Ross' anniversary.
Worrying about how the status of the OCA was be presented there in an
overwhelmingly Russian cultural setting. Metr. Hilarion Alfeyev's
intentional problematizaton of the phrase "Orthodox Church in America"
by the representative of the Autocephaly that once fostered the OCA's
says a lot. To me, it says that we can forget about the MP 'having the
OCA's back' and that North America is open territory for jurisdictional jockeying, the OCA enjoying no place of privilege in the face of the Chambesy mandate and the reality of a fractured Orthodox jurisdictional administration, under increased immigration and resultant re-ethnification of church life.

The Metr. lays it out simply: Russia maintains the honor of historical
pre-eminence here by virtue of actual sole diocesan organization;
Orthodox Church in America is not a 'brand name' of our autocephalous
church but a general term semantically on par with "Orthodoxy in.. and
"Orthodox churches in..." The OCA as such, from this speech, enjoys no
special distinction as far as Moscow is concerned, no mandate to serve
the faithful of all nations here.

I would like to hear from people who went to Ft Ross about their impressions.

Fr John

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