Thursday, December 20, 2012

Visit of St. Nicholas

from Nun Vera's blog

An Apparition Visit of St. Nicholas, the 'handsome old man with a beard'

These miracles of St. Nicholas are countless......
through many centuries, and in all lands........

Our Holy Father NICHOLAS,
Pray to God for us!

(Nicholas means, 'Victory of the People')

Lyubov often told this incredible story at  meetings to the audience and in an interview.

"July 31, 1941 I was 20 years old. I lived in Leningrad. And on my birthday, we went to our in-laws in the city. As we came out of the car, and were walking down the street, there  suddenly came in front  to me a handsome bearded old man. He very gently stopped me, looked into my eyes and said, "My name is Nicholas. You're going to have a famine, but you will have enough to survive it. " 

But we had  then a starvation blockade and we  could not imagine, how we could survive. Then he said: "Learn the prayer" 'Our Father' [and I have still learned it in German,] and « Gottes Mutter, hilf mir ». It's in Russian means "Mother of God, help me." 

Saying these words, the old man went away and disappeared  behind a fence, and my mother frightened  said, "This is Nicholas! Catch him!" I jumped over the fence, and there was a vast wasteland ... and no  person could have disappeared there so fast. 

We immediately went to the church, and there is an icon of St. Nicholas, I immediately  recognized the old man. Then, in the hunger blockade all my relatives, including my in-laws, perished. And I alone survived against all logic. 

The prayers "Our Father" and "Mother of God, save us!", now I read every morning " .

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