Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Flock of Doves

Happy news fpr V. Putin and all of America's enemies-Their big friend, B. H. Obama Re-elected!

And, to further make them glad, Obama is appointing doves and progressive-leftists to his new cabinet, to help him sell out America, and to please our foes,  all around the world, from the Islamacists, to the neo-soviets, V. Putin and the full-blown Communists, etc.

And here at home, he is moving full steam ahead with his leftist domestic plans at destroying our econony.

So much for... voting! when those who have the right to vote, are spiritually dead, are not patriots, are empty-headed morons and politically/economically ignorant, who vote with their emotions and their feelings, not with informed information or sound convictions – .i.e., a large part of the current population of this country today!

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  1. A version of this article appeared December 22, 2012, on page A16 in the U.S. edition of The Wall Street Journal, with the headline: A Flock of Doves.

    If the WSJ article can't be found in the future, try googling a sentence from the article and see if somebody else has it archived somewhere:

    Which brings us to Mr. Hagel, whom the White House has leaked as a possible Defense Secretary. The idea seems to be that the former GOP Senator from Nebraska would bring a bipartisan note to foreign policy, but that logic usually applies when the choice shares the other party's views. Though he fought admirably in Vietnam (and has two Purple Hearts), Mr. Hagel's security views have more closely resembled a George McGovern strain of Republicanism.
    By far the biggest risk is the role Mr. Hagel might play on military spending. Gutting the Pentagon has been a liberal goal since the 1960s, and Mr. Obama will have a new opening given the budget crisis. Mr. Gates and current Pentagon chief Leon Panetta have followed the President's orders but have resisted when the White House wanted to go too far. Mr. Gates made a special point of warning Americans not to repeat our frequent mistake of winding down the military when wars end. We regret it as new threats emerge.


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