Monday, December 31, 2012

The so-called 'New Calendar' is an Ecumenist plot

Sharing: Vladimir Moss's Views on the Calendar Issue
- (plus another treatise from another writer) -

Written by Vladimir Moss

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Comment: Though I do not always 100% trust all of Vladmir Moss's views on all Orthodox Church matters, (in fact I think he is quite wrong on certain of his personal  views), I think that this treatise of his, more or less expresses the mainstream views of most traditional Orthodox on this thorny matter, at least it is his studied contribution. I think that it is worth reading.

Readers, judge for yourselves.

However, all evidence that I have read, including these two treatises, confirm to me, that the so-called, 'New Calendar', is an Ecumenist plot, & it  has zero, i.e.  NO!... legitimate defenses or ANY! solid reasons for Orthodox churches to use it. It has brought and can only bring, only further confusion, schisms, and harm to our church life, world-wide.

Flee from it!

For our spiritual life, and our Orthodox celebrations, we only need our age-old Orthodox Church Calendar. 


***ALSO, ANOTHER  treatise on this subject, from a Very Rev. Boris Molchanov:

And, when one brings up this text, if you can then, read the lengthy texts, ABOVE this one, which combine many other aspects of the entire Church Calendar debates. That lengthy text, answers all accusors against our Orthodox Calendar, and all supporters of the New Calendar, and refutes them, point by point.

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