Saturday, December 22, 2012

RocorMP – big monies needed

"First, the NYC cathedral, now Jordanville" -big monies needed!!!-where is the MP or Putin, now???

Where's the Promised Judas-Monies???

 Comment: One of the key (false) hopes of those who sold out our ROCOR to
Moscow, was that 'The Mother Church' (read, the rich Putin government) would
heap tons of petro-ruble monies and also send human 'help' in in the form of new 'clergy personnel', etc.

San Francisco archb. Kyrill-Dmitrieff as much as said so, that ROCOR needed to be 'saved' by Moscow.

Clearly, Moscow apparently did, behind the scenes, promise such payoff Judas monies.

So, how can there be a financial crisis, and lack of funds in ROCOR/MP?
Three  big reasons, are that so many former regular donors and supporters of the old-ROCOR, the pious ones, have either gone to their heavenly rewards, or they have fled to various anti-MP Russian jurisdictions, or 
are now refusing to monetarily support a captive church, which is not caring about what  they wish or desire...i.e. that many of them, did not and still do not,  respect or believe in or support that 2007 betrayal, or subservience to the KGB run, false, 'Moscow Patriarchia'.

Those  people are voting with their..(closed)...pocketbooks,
and too, in many cases, by staying home or going to other Orthodox churches. 

And there’s no money anywhere, now that the CIA Cold War money has dried up.

Jordanville Monastery Needs Capital Renovation
Dec 18, 2012

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