Friday, July 10, 2015

Public worship of Satan looms ahead

Another startling reminder to those who don't see the coming open worship of the Antichrist and Satan behind him:  In Detroit, Satanists plan unveiling of a huge public statue of Satan-

While in America, the very public mention of Jesus Christ [or prayers to Him], or the reading or studying of the Bible or any Christian moral or ethical teachings, is forbidden in public schools, where the monuments to the Ten Commandments [upon which rests all of our historical American system of laws and justice and indeed, our fundamental culture], are removed from public places, and the Holy Cross is removed from military and public cemeteries and public monuments, [indeed from everywhere], and where prayers to Christ or mention of his Name, is forbidden in the US military. 

Now we also have forced upon Christians here, this moral  abomination of the leftist judicial agenda, of their 'modernist progressive' attack upon us, of their onslaught on our Christian American mainstream historic culture, of their so-called, 'Same Sex Marriages', etc.... plus other abominations galore.

In Putin's unfree and enslaved, 'Orthodox Russia', on the contrary, there is an open and public seeming government approval and encouragement and organizing, of honoring of Orthodox churches and  monasteries and holy shrines, and of MP religious activities, Christian crosses and icons and religious memorials, etc. ...BUT, where never-the-less, the entire nation is IN FACT!.... under the tyrannical  rule of a monsterous Christ-hating-atheist-ruling regime, KGB ruthless gangsters really, a war loving, prefiguration of Antichrist, whom we know, by their WORKS, – their  fruits, – not so much by their lying speech and false 'Orthodox' public expressions of piety – so as to fool the masses.... what Vladimir Putin & his fellow criminal oligarks are truly all about. 

 Putin's Russia also has the highest rate of abortions, [infanticide of RUSSIAN BABIES!], of any country in the world, while he is making a murderous unjust war upon neighboring Ukraine, and clearly – planning on seizing the entire country by an all-out war of further aggression, 'to restore Russian national pride'(!!!)  What 'pride'???

Both America and present day Russia, and indeed much of the rest of this sorry old world, are steadily becoming more openly evil, day by day.

Look at what the bloodthirsty Muslims are doing, [indeed commanded to do by their wretched Koran] to Christians and to EACH OTHER too!

Yet, the always optimistic secular humanist utopian leftist dreamers, world-wide, still want to see only what they in their unrealistic pro-socialist/Marxist fantacies  and ungodly leftist minds,  imagine – that all is becoming better and better – 'progress  through science', etc. yet progress without God!...  Is it?

The hard evidence tells  us otherwise.

May our souls be purified enough, so that we  may be counted worthy of the heavenly 
kingdom, when this end comes.

This world, anyway, is transient and passing.  Dust to dust and ashes to ashes.  Only God and our souls are immortal.

"When all else is gone, there remains, ONLY GOD!"
"Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus, come quickly!"
Reader Daniel

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