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more About Our Muslim Anti-Christian President

Sharing: About Our Muslim Anti-Christian President and the Islamic Takeover of America, One Muslim committed Murder or Bombing after Another: THE LATEST "GOOD DEVOUT MUSLIM" NEWS

My added comment:  All that we now know about this pathetic low-intelligence incompetent man's youthful indoctrination into Islam, and Marxist ideas, his anti-Christian prejudices, and his profound hatred of America,... indeed of all of us 'white Americans'... especially we who are not  liberal-leftists, but hold to fundamental Christian beliefs, and love for our country,... prove that he is the worst president this country has ever had.  He is our biggest foe, sitting and ruling as our elected Head of State.  He is a big friend and supporter of all of our country's enemies and detractors, domestic and foreign.

Day by day, this wretched hater of all of us, 'white Christian Americans', with his regime in power in Washington, ignores and also violates our Constitution, and usurps  and takes more and more powers to himself, not allowed to him by that very Constitution, which in his Oath of Office, he swore 'to uphold and to protect'. (Vladimir Putin also swore a similar oath at his enthronement in the Kremlin, putting his hand on a copy of the Russian Constitution!)

And he never ceases to defend or excuse, Islamic attacks and murders on us, here or abroad.  While he does nothing to stop the Muslim mass murders of Christians abroad,... which Islamic murders and pillaging he says, 'are payback for the Crusades'.  What a moronic and ignorant   version of world history! And this pro-Muslim, anti-Christian idiot, is our Head of State!
He needs to retire to Mecca!, and the sooner the better.

Of course we Orthodox Christians know far more about 'Beautiful Peaceful Islam' since we are among its principal victims, for many many long tortured and painful oppressive centuries! since its insane power deluded demonized alleged founder,  False-Prophet and False-Messiah, Muhammad of Thrice Cursed Memory, walked this earth, and started his murdering and oppression and pillaging of Christians.

May the Good Lord!... take Barack Hussein Obama away, before he totally destroys this country, or makes it into his preferred Islamic/Marxist republic.

Our fellow Americans, a large majority of them who seem to always be in some sort of a delusional dream-state, and uncaring about politics or moral issues, need to finally wake up as to what he is doing to us, and demand Obama's resignation or impeachment.

GOD BLESS AND SAVE AMERICA!... from our own stupidity and smug self-satisfied complacence,  and from all of our true/real  national enemies, domestic and foreign, visible and invisible.

If Obama stays in power, America is lost, finished.
Rd. Daniel

 *This shared with me by a fellow Orthodox Christian, a Greek-American, who also cares about our country, and who cares about THE TRUTH!  His family's ancestors were driven out of their native Anatolia, by the terrorist Muslim Turks.  He knows, what anti-human and anti-God, Islam is about! the past and also, NOW.

Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2015 11:00:33 -0400

Just a few words about Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez who killed four Marines and wounded three other people at military offices in Chattanooga. Quoting an article it says "Authorities are working to figure out why Abdulazeez -- an accomplished student, well-liked peer, mixed martial arts fighter and devout Muslim -- went on the killing spree"- ! Duh, he was a devout Muslim, that's what all devout Muslims are required to do according to their "Holy Koran", that is kill infidels. Another quote, "Reinhold said there is nothing to connect the attacker to ISIS or other international terror groups"- ! Duh, he's connected to these groups via to what their "Holy Koran" requires all "good" Muslims to do, kill the infidels.

Shameful! Guess Where Obama is Going After an Islamic Terrorist Attack Just Killed 4 Marines…

LindseyBruce July 17, 2015
Within minutes of addressing the nation following the Islamic State’s brutal beheading of American journalist James Foley, President Barack Obama had resumed his August vacation on the golf course. With in 24 hours of the attack in Benghazi, Obama went to Las Vegas for a fundraiser. Now, after four Marines were shot and killed in Chattanooga, Obama will be spending the weekend at yet another fundraiser, and a Broadway show.  Obama leaves Friday for an intimate dinner and DNC fundraiser, and is expected to stay overnight at a Midtown hotel. On Saturday, he’ll take in a Broadway matinee of “Hamilton,” the hip-hop musical about founding father Alexander Hamilton, before leaving that evening. Keep in mind the shooting just happened on Thursday, and as of Friday morning, there has been no word of his schedule being changed.

While Obama is on his mini vacation, the families of the Marines killed will be making funeral arrangements for their loved ones. This president couldn’t even take one weekend off of partying and fundraising to  spend some time with the families of the men killed and the other victims who were injured. That is disgraceful. When nine people were shot and killed in Charleston, Obama was not only at the funeral for one of the victims, he sang “Amazing Grace” and gave a eulogy.

This president is so cowardly that he won’t even say the words “radical Islam”, let alone be around when the effects of this  “peaceful religion” are felt by innocent Americans.  We have never had a president so blatantly disrespectful to our military, our police and to anyone who is not a minority. Obama’s Justice department has been focused on what they call “preventing crime while protecting Muslim civil rights and civil liberties.” Eric Holder changed a policy and actually banned all mosque surveillance. How can we fight the war on terror when America’s leader won’t acknowledge the danger of these killers, and even goes to great length to protect them?

ISIS will continue to grow stronger under this president, and terrorist attacks on our homeland are bound to increase.  Since this president puts Islam at the top of the totem pole, freedom naturally falls to the bottom.  Freedom is a threat to Obama, and he is doing everything in his power to neutralize that threat. If people are free, Obama can’t control them. If people are free, Obama can’t force them to pay for abortions or censor their speech. Freedom means thinking for yourself. If the democrats of today actually thought for themselves, there would be no democratic party. The Obama administration wouldn’t even exists if it weren’t for the ignorance of the American people.
It’s times like now we need to start fighting for our American values even harder than Obama does to protect the image of his precious Islam. When this president goes to such lengths for a religion that kills millions, that tells me that Obama is no longer sending us a signal, he is screaming a clear message.

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