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Sharing with friends of Abbess Juliana

A Glimpse From The Past: Abbess Juliana sharing two historic photos from her youth in the Holy Land

"I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the House of the Lord!, Our feet have been standing within thy gates, O Jerusalem!"

This is the copy of the other same places where there was sitting Mother Alexia (icon painter) all of the three in this photo painted icons.

At this age, [mine]  3 -*7  we lived in Hebron, because Mother Alexia, Xenia and Joanna, painted big icons for the Hebron Church while Father Niphont, (i.e. Schema-Hieromonk  Nil.)  was the carpenter doing the wonderful big frames for these icons.

Till now, I can smell the the paint and  the wood being cut.   I also worked a lot with wood, but much much later of course.  That is why, I love from all my heart both Convents, of  Hebron and Gorneye.

Pray to V.M. of Kazan, as  she gives sight to the weak people.
 Sinful  Abbess Juliana

Dear in Christ Reader Daniel,

How is your sight?  Hope you can see better now than before.

Yesterday, one parishioner took these fotos that I am sending to you.  These were taken in 1940, me, [a child then] being already TWO YEARS in the Convent.

This wednesday is the memory of the day my Staritsa left us and went to her real home,[heaven].  Her name is Mother Alexia.   She died in Santiago in 1967  (she is sitting on my right side, [in this photo]  and behind me is Mother Joanna, an Arab, the foundress/director  of all Arab novices, that entered our Gorneye Convent of The Visitation of V.M. 

On the left, sitting is Mother Xenia (Roumiantseva), a good voice, a soprano, who was very much appreciated by almost all our clergy, especially Metrop. Anastassy, when he visited the Holy Land and Arch vishop Anthony   

w she was also a big molitvennitsa, all day long  she would be reading not only the cell praviilo [cell rule] or prayers, bit also the Church Oktoich [Eight Tones]  and the Minea, if we were not in Church that day.

Now, in this photo,  I am standing in between them.

These are our church uniforms. Later I will send  home, this uniform.
May God give you health and sight.

Abbess Juliana


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