Friday, May 29, 2015

Greek State Government allowing for the Islamization of Greece

A General Sharing: The Leftist Pro-Marxist and Pro-Putin Government in Greece, is allowing for the Islamization of Greece: Thursday, May 21, 2015 Mosque to be built in Athens, Greece - Parliament Amends Law

And this under the pretext of 'inclusive' religious tolerance and liberty, western concepts coming out of a Christian ethos, things which are totally alien to Islam. Islam is a deadly octopus, that once it takes over a nation, strangles all other beliefs and all human freedoms. It enslaves women. While Christians are concerned with giving rescue and shelter and refuge, to the millions of current Moslem refugees, -mostly dying and suffering at the hands of fellow Moslems,  Moslems are slaughtering Christians, and anyone else whom they decide are not permitted to exist in their Koran.
It is therefor interesting, that among some of the first outrages against the Greek Christian population of this pro-Marxist and Pro-Putin government in Athens, headed by an open declared atheist,  to enact, is this.
Those misguided Greeks who so foolishly voted it into power, will come to suffer terribly from its atheist and anti-Greek, evil doings.
"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord!"...and the opposite is also true: "Cursed is that nation whose god is NOT the Lord!"
Rd. Daniel

While this pro-Marxist and atheist headed Greek government is working to cut off any government aid or subsidies and to thus TAX the Greek Church and its institutions,[ including its many charitable work for the poor],  privileges to the state Greek Church, it is instead, TO PLEASE EU 'religious freedom standards,' voting to change the Greek constitution, to allow Muslim Mosques in Greece....which hitherto were forbidden, since Greece got free from Turk rule.

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